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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam5 months ago

    I think the counter glitched in the video and its $100 short but ill make sure the proper amount is donated :)

  • P1 xel Hydro

    P1 xel Hydro

    27 days ago

    hi lazar

  • Grootey


    Month ago


  • Zertify.


    Month ago

    Ok ty

  • Stefan the bets Stefan the best

    Stefan the bets Stefan the best

    Month ago

    You are the best USplanr Ever

  • Stefan the bets Stefan the best

    Stefan the bets Stefan the best

    Month ago

    You are the best USplanr Ever

  • Frooti_lo0pz
    Frooti_lo0pz15 hours ago

    2nd level be like. Oh I think I already screwed up *falling *Intense body crunches intensifies…

  • Reaper
    ReaperDay ago

    he finnished the first level in 69 seconds

  • AY Cat
    AY Cat2 days ago

    Do more happy wheels

  • Rey Pika-Mysterio
    Rey Pika-Mysterio2 days ago

    Do more happy wheels

  • Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson2 days ago

    Gray will be happy(:

  • Faze Sway23
    Faze Sway232 days ago


  • cquick 3
    cquick 33 days ago

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Freddie
    Freddie3 days ago

    2:37 what

  • Azarath 1337
    Azarath 13376 days ago

    Mr. Beast: Oh yeah, Its chandler time

  • Jai Griffiths
    Jai Griffiths7 days ago

    I love you lazar

  • Caroline Graham
    Caroline Graham8 days ago


  • Mathias Lie
    Mathias Lie9 days ago

    is this mrbeast or lazarbeam

  • Holdyn Gilbert
    Holdyn Gilbert10 days ago

    I wonder if he got a Channel strike when he stabbed a child

  • I’m Cool
    I’m Cool11 days ago

    1:21 him wanting to destroy all charity companies

  • Qais Dahdouh
    Qais Dahdouh11 days ago

    I saw 69 nice

  • the incredible mortal 2
    the incredible mortal 211 days ago

    4:48 is a good one

  • Joshyboy
    Joshyboy11 days ago

    fake he didnt even show us him donating u scam u only do this to get views

  • ralph skelton
    ralph skelton12 days ago

    congrats to 19 mil subs sub to lazerbeam YEEEEET!!!!!!!!

  • I H Syed
    I H Syed12 days ago

    Bro on the bottle lvl his legs had a workout

  • Anay Misra
    Anay Misra12 days ago

    He gave charity, He got a skin in fortnie

  • Gweeb
    Gweeb13 days ago

    For charity

  • Sippydog90 Gaming
    Sippydog90 Gaming13 days ago

    Should be tilted Me going into debt

  • シスNikolai
    シスNikolai13 days ago

    lazar finished the first one in 69 seconds, bow down to lord lazar.

  • Leaf-o-tron
    Leaf-o-tron14 days ago

    69 seconds

  • OchiDO
    OchiDO14 days ago

    The rules are if he completes it he doesn’t give the money to them if he rage quits the level then he has to give 1000 dollars

  • Squid Pie
    Squid Pie16 days ago

    Watching happy Wheels Years After The Nostalgia Makes Me Wanna Cry.

  • Lisa Jamieson
    Lisa Jamieson16 days ago

    good boy LOL

  • Rebecca Morris
    Rebecca Morris16 days ago

    I'm 8 years old

  • Rebecca Morris
    Rebecca Morris16 days ago

    I love you and I hope you had a good time by ch6rleymc fornite name pleas add me I love you

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed16 days ago

    I accidentally mistaked happy wheel to happy meal...

  • Packingpeanutman
    Packingpeanutman17 days ago

    *atomic breath*

  • Maxx
    Maxx17 days ago

    Lazars wallet: Why are we still here just to suffer

  • Mr Eloui
    Mr Eloui17 days ago

    🎉🥳 Congrats On 19M 🥳 🎉

  • Pika Manga
    Pika Manga17 days ago

    2:06 69 lol

  • Elizabeth Howard
    Elizabeth Howard17 days ago


  • Fat chihuahua Gaming
    Fat chihuahua Gaming18 days ago


  • K H
    K H18 days ago

    Your thumbnail says every time you die $1000

  • Dark _soul
    Dark _soul18 days ago

    This is if mrbeast was Australian

  • Jedi Lynn
    Jedi Lynn18 days ago


  • Antonio Navedo
    Antonio Navedo18 days ago

    I LOVE

  • zappedfry
    zappedfry18 days ago

    I play rocket league

  • Blake Achterhof
    Blake Achterhof18 days ago

    me seeing him die 35 times *he is so nice :D*

  • Márkó Németh
    Márkó Németh19 days ago

    His scream at 9:26 💀😂

  • Doggie
    Doggie19 days ago

    3.6k for charity, bloody legend. Lannon Eacott.

  • BeatSabergaming_yt
    BeatSabergaming_yt20 days ago


  • Maryovy Arias Malave
    Maryovy Arias Malave20 days ago

    You want to sell your money

  • Jennifer Bois
    Jennifer Bois20 days ago


  • Joshua Goulding
    Joshua Goulding20 days ago

    Is the the guy from fortnite!!

  • 100k subs with no videos?
    100k subs with no videos?20 days ago

    Before this video a add just said a normal player vs a gay player…

  • Brittany Tenney
    Brittany Tenney20 days ago

    Make a video that you say the F word 1000 times

  • Tanner Nickerson
    Tanner Nickerson20 days ago

    I hope you play more happy wheels it's so funny to watch you play it

  • ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily f
    ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily f20 days ago

    4:45 LOL

  • ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily f

    ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily f

    20 days ago

    thars funny as hell

  • ayaan asad
    ayaan asad21 day ago

    69.5 seconds

  • Josue Carrillo
    Josue Carrillo21 day ago

    Lazerbeam wallet: NOOOOOOOO

  • Amanda Sanderson
    Amanda Sanderson21 day ago


  • Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda Sanderson

    21 day ago


  • Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda Sanderson

    21 day ago


  • Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda Sanderson

    21 day ago


  • Malachi Shaw
    Malachi Shaw22 days ago

    He made the same amount of money on this vid that he gave away XD

  • UpsideDownPotato
    UpsideDownPotato22 days ago

    Ronald McDonald House Never Heard Of That One

  • Camo God
    Camo God22 days ago

    GrayStillPlays: Pathetic

  • damke royal
    damke royal23 days ago

    Didn't he spent like 20k on gta and roblox and abt 50k on fortnite

  • Oozable
    Oozable24 days ago


  • Zack McBride
    Zack McBride24 days ago

    Hell ya nice how are you doing

  • TryNiceGT
    TryNiceGT24 days ago

    Happy bloodTime

  • AdamK217
    AdamK21725 days ago

    4:35 this is amazing

  • Lewisthewaffle
    Lewisthewaffle25 days ago

    2:02 won in 69.50 seconds lol🤣😂

  • Salty_yt-roblox
    Salty_yt-roblox25 days ago


  • Sir Nacho
    Sir Nacho26 days ago

    imange if Lazar likes this

  • Itz Shxdow
    Itz Shxdow26 days ago

    You should play guts and glory

  • Richard Hernandez-dircio
    Richard Hernandez-dircio26 days ago

    Can I just say lazarbeam is just one of the best youtuber

  • Xman 18
    Xman 1826 days ago

    Y is the money in America in 100 dollars when Lannan is Australian

  • Daniel Kirstein
    Daniel Kirstein26 days ago

    Mrbeast will be proud

  • ExploringNaturefor Fun
    ExploringNaturefor Fun26 days ago

    Me and my friend once played happy wheels in school and teacher walked by and said ooh looks cool Hahha that’s because I closed the tab and opened USplan

  • deadeye1408
    deadeye140827 days ago

    Did anyone else see that on the first challenge he finished in 69.50 seconds

  • The Creep
    The Creep27 days ago


  • Entertainment Cousin's
    Entertainment Cousin's27 days ago

    lets go now!!!! shit..

  • ggsaiyaman Yt
    ggsaiyaman Yt27 days ago

    5:42 the worm from fortnite

  • Liwai Rose
    Liwai Rose27 days ago

    4:49 FBI

  • ZTails 327
    ZTails 32727 days ago

    4:49-4:51 Rick Astley is now a DLC character for Happy Wheels Lol 😆 No he can't be Lol 😆 4:49-4:51 Sh@t Lol 😆 I'm such a nerd Lol 😆

  • cquick 3
    cquick 327 days ago

    Love God ✝️

  • cquick 3
    cquick 327 days ago

    Jesus Saves ✝️

  • yahia alsmin
    yahia alsmin27 days ago

    What device can you play happy wheels

    ALEXAVIER SMITH27 days ago

    No gta is the most brutal game

    ALEXAVIER SMITH27 days ago

    No Gt A is the most brutal game

  • Bethanya Medina
    Bethanya Medina28 days ago

    Laserbeam is the new Mr. beast

  • Bethanya Medina
    Bethanya Medina28 days ago


  • Beverly Rogers
    Beverly Rogers28 days ago

    I wonder we’re there hiding all his body’s

  • Liam
    Liam28 days ago

    I like big eggplant

  • Felix Taylor
    Felix Taylor28 days ago

    You were a better USplanr when you did GTA and Madden 6 years ago

  • cquick 3
    cquick 328 days ago

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

  • Vandebeek Family
    Vandebeek Family28 days ago

    Hey lazerbeam did you skip forward becuse i was counting and it was wrong

  • mummy ma,am
    mummy ma,am28 days ago

    The sound on A NORMAL LEVEL was sus 😩

  • Accuracy
    Accuracy 28 days ago

    Yeah let’s keep on bringing back happy wheels

  • Yeetkid
    Yeetkid28 days ago

    does it in 69 seconds hee hee funny number

  • Cole Romero
    Cole Romero28 days ago

    Lannan: imma nice person Theodd1sout: imma good person

  • DJ Cubs
    DJ Cubs29 days ago

    My school does that to

  • Top Shot
    Top Shot29 days ago

    The tasty garage uniquely drum because gymnast actually launch until a torpid jumper. stupendous, tiny family

  • Sharkshot Gaming
    Sharkshot Gaming29 days ago

    timmy terror mmmmmmmm

  • the donkey donk
    the donkey donkMonth ago

    You’re nothing compared to jack

  • Vader the Dog
    Vader the DogMonth ago

    My mum won’t let me use code Lazar

  • Ethan Prather
    Ethan PratherMonth ago

    The bottle ryn reminds me of Jack