Worlds Hardest GTA Race

GTA is fun :)
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  • Iwan Thomas
    Iwan Thomas11 minutes ago

    Videos anymore

    JEFFYYOM24 minutes ago

    10:09 lol

  • Purple Roblox
    Purple Roblox50 minutes ago

    This is worth wasting my time

  • Max Sroka
    Max SrokaHour ago

    If you do gta now do red dead

  • Izaya Bunny
    Izaya BunnyHour ago

    Last map reminded me of Clustertruck

  • Simmons Family
    Simmons Family2 hours ago

    Best youtuber

  • Bruce Gillespie
    Bruce Gillespie3 hours ago

    Do another vid with bodhi

  • Mamkajiwin
    Mamkajiwin3 hours ago

    What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

  • Lenny Delacruz
    Lenny Delacruz3 hours ago

    Upload some video pls

  • Glitchy
    Glitchy4 hours ago

    Hey if use all my insta discord twitch Facebook all friend and my brother channel and we strike what's gonna happen

    DIYAN GAMERZ XYZ4 hours ago

    Meme God. Yeeet

  • Leon Domazetovski
    Leon Domazetovski5 hours ago

    Hey lazarbeam I’m growing a mullet because I was inspired by you

  • PRO fortnite Dude
    PRO fortnite Dude5 hours ago

    Toz in u lazarbeam we won etneen zero haha

  • Chanzz
    Chanzz5 hours ago

    Imagine if it was 1000$ everytime... he'd be broke asf

  • Liviu
    Liviu5 hours ago

    I would like some of that money cause am literally homeless and I am in my grandparents house

  • Mihai Dude
    Mihai Dude5 hours ago

    will lazarbeam get demonotized?

  • PugFade
    PugFade5 hours ago

    I just bought your fortnite skin with code lazar also this video was a banger just like your skin

  • EthicalX Channel
    EthicalX Channel5 hours ago

    I got your outfit

  • AshtonCole83
    AshtonCole835 hours ago

    Mrbeam I bought your skin

  • Raul Ellis
    Raul Ellis6 hours ago

    When tf are u posting again

  • Daniel Avery
    Daniel Avery6 hours ago

    Hi laser beam, in ur next video can u please do the ninja emote, ninja styles so I can use it again with ur skin, I’ve been told if u don’t do it I can’t emote ever again, sadness Please help a fellow Aussie tradie gamer out

  • hotcat23
    hotcat237 hours ago

    Can't believe in 2 year, he get from 4 million sub to 19 million sub

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    Sorry this user has been banned7 hours ago

    I will give you a cookiw

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    Sorry this user has been banned7 hours ago


  • الورده السوداء
    الورده السوداء8 hours ago


  • Damon Reynolds
    Damon Reynolds8 hours ago

    Your vids are so funny and your rajing

  • khlooy علي
    khlooy علي8 hours ago


  • Nicole Whitton
    Nicole Whitton8 hours ago

    You are the beast USplan then

  • Mason TILL
    Mason TILL9 hours ago

    A lot of money to people

  • enzbro
    enzbro9 hours ago

    You should play Geometry Dash again but give a dollar for every death (you’ll be completely broke)

  • Haylee S
    Haylee S9 hours ago

    u are the best youtuber ever but I would like mo vlogs plz

  • Tiffany Lynch
    Tiffany Lynch9 hours ago

    Lazar the queen doesn’t like charity ;-;

  • Sam Tucker
    Sam Tucker10 hours ago

    Can we all agree lazarbeam is basically fuze tier level of Australia man

  • Not Jaro
    Not Jaro10 hours ago


  • TheRachel
    TheRachel11 hours ago

    I got your skin in fortnight

  • Fnaf Roblox and Fnf gaming1
    Fnaf Roblox and Fnf gaming111 hours ago

    can i have 1 million robux

  • YazziPumpsMelee
    YazziPumpsMelee11 hours ago

    yo 2 weeks wya??????

  • Aarav Aher
    Aarav Aher11 hours ago


  • Ehaan Ahotar
    Ehaan Ahotar12 hours ago

    Will he do ever do another fortnite video

  • Ehaan Ahotar

    Ehaan Ahotar

    12 hours ago

    Ever do

    Epic MRMAGNIFICENT88912 hours ago

    My fav vid

  • vicky lin
    vicky lin12 hours ago


  • Junior Team Canada / Équipe junior du Canada
    Junior Team Canada / Équipe junior du Canada12 hours ago

    Aree you watching Lachlan’s stream rn

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget13 hours ago

    That Ali a edit made me laugh so hard

  • Axedbrax
    Axedbrax13 hours ago

    Can you please ask fresh to add me my name is axedbrax

  • Ferris Beuler
    Ferris Beuler13 hours ago

    Only ogs can remember Jason

  • Etner R
    Etner R13 hours ago

    8:59 to 9:11

  • FHS slayer6915
    FHS slayer691514 hours ago

    Lannan I love you so much you are my favorite USplanr in the whole world love from America

  • Tiger Classes
    Tiger Classes14 hours ago

    Rip hold triangle if I don’t die from fall

  • king fish
    king fish14 hours ago

    Go back to fortnite u bot (any mean word in dis comment is not real it's just for funnynes )go help ur son and get better

    EXTREME CLUB14 hours ago

    Where is our f u suit mr

  • Noah King
    Noah King14 hours ago

    Lazarbeam quit USplan

  • Guest
    Guest15 hours ago

    Why don't you uploading

  • epicpeepee


    14 hours ago

    he died

  • Parker’s Adventures
    Parker’s Adventures15 hours ago

    You should play world at warcrsft

  • Jakob Olsen
    Jakob Olsen15 hours ago

    Plz play minecraft

  • Kaiden Schrank
    Kaiden Schrank15 hours ago

    I can't wait to grow up and be as great as him. I've got high hope's!

  • joshua Pg13
    joshua Pg1316 hours ago

    If you are in Australia then try to change your light bulb

  • Adam-justin
    Adam-justin16 hours ago

    For your next video you should search up fake USplan chanel

  • Mr.Blaze120
    Mr.Blaze12016 hours ago


  • Conan Loughran
    Conan Loughran16 hours ago

    Yeah Imagine A Injustice type of game ONLY HORROR characters like. Freddy Krueger Jason Chucky Micheal Myers and all

  • Conan Loughran
    Conan Loughran16 hours ago

    Yeah Imagine A Injustice type of game ONLY HORROR characters like. Freddy Krueger Jason Chucky Micheal Myers and all

  • Conan Loughran
    Conan Loughran17 hours ago

    Hmm Morty Should have a skin and have edit styles like, toxic, Eye patch, one muscly arm

  • Kaheem Isaac
    Kaheem Isaac17 hours ago

    the first youtuber to die 100 times in gta 5

  • haydos dayos
    haydos dayos17 hours ago


  • watson play 21
    watson play 2117 hours ago


  • Lukas Albus
    Lukas Albus17 hours ago


  • watson play 21
    watson play 2117 hours ago


  • watson play 21
    watson play 2117 hours ago


  • Freddy And friends
    Freddy And friends17 hours ago

    Lazarbeam should I refund the Buhga stuff for your set or keep bugha

  • fortnite bot
    fortnite bot19 hours ago

    he said hes good at penetrating probably practices on muselks sister

  • Juan Madriz
    Juan Madriz19 hours ago

    I just bought the lazarbeam skin with code lazar

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    الكتريك ميكس electric mix20 hours ago

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  • Dame Irvin
    Dame Irvin21 hour ago

    More memes

  • Ethan Gottdank
    Ethan Gottdank21 hour ago

    It would be cool if LazarBeam made a video of him doing a heist with freash

  • Wesley b
    Wesley b21 hour ago

    play geometry dash again

    H4ZARD8US21 hour ago

    Lazar: “We gotta be skilful” 5 seconds later: **dies**

    H4ZARD8US21 hour ago

    Lazar: “ I reckon we’re gonna be *just fine* “ Windmills: “ *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT* ?”

  • Black_Ninja YT
    Black_Ninja YT22 hours ago

    1:51 oh that time old memories

  • kate_playz4
    kate_playz422 hours ago


  • Cameron MR
    Cameron MR22 hours ago

    Come on man post pls

    TABZYEET22 hours ago


  • Olly Ty
    Olly Ty22 hours ago

    It’s a diplodoculus!!!!!

  • Olly Ty

    Olly Ty

    22 hours ago

    Why did I add the second L.😂🤔

  • Not Bily
    Not BilyDay ago

    15,300. JEEZ THAT CRAZY

  • Be Luby

    Be Luby

    23 hours ago

    I disliked your comment. Your welcome

  • Gianni Hommez
    Gianni HommezDay ago

    Bring back fortnite lazar

  • enzo mora
    enzo moraDay ago

    It’s bean 2 weeks….. since he have uploaded

  • LB games
    LB gamesDay ago

    LB owls yt

  • Henry Shortreed
    Henry ShortreedDay ago

    I got your icon skin

  • Gavin da Ranhum
    Gavin da RanhumDay ago


  • Daniel Grau
    Daniel GrauDay ago

    its been 2 weeks...

  • Abdi 11

    Abdi 11

    Day ago


  • Cosmic_Venge
    Cosmic_VengeDay ago

    Where is my content!?? I miss your content it’s been 2 weeks pls upload

  • Ace_Man X2006
    Ace_Man X2006Day ago

    Lazarbeam can you try and break your kill record in fortnite since you can have 50 players in creative Hope you read this comment :)

  • Abdi 11

    Abdi 11

    Day ago


  • WoloQo
    WoloQoDay ago

    I love ur videos! keep going the good work! did you know that when I saw you play fortnite I was a noob noob noob, Then I started to get better and better by taking tips from you!

  • George Fenton
    George FentonDay ago

    Plz go back to fortnite

  • daisiemilk
    daisiemilkDay ago

    hay lazar, i know that you dont really care about us but I bet you to do nice things in for a day for you viewers Mabey give Robux to someone (me) or help poor just saying my Roblox user is calebnorm111 and you can create a group in Roblox and the people that are in the group you can give robux to

  • Johno Brooks
    Johno BrooksDay ago

    Remember the video he made were he said if it got 100k likes he would get a fuck suit well that video has 299k likes

  • Jacob Daniel Sanabria
    Jacob Daniel SanabriaDay ago

    Lazarbeam how do you feel about losing 2 mil subs

  • Kid of Darkness
    Kid of DarknessDay ago

    Just Decided to check out your channel again, holy fuck 19 million subs, I remember when you only had about 2 million 🤣

  • TheOnlyGokuSSG
    TheOnlyGokuSSGDay ago

    every day i eagerly wait for a lazarbeam video and am disappointed to see there isnt one yet :( like if you agree

  • Cheitanya Ramesh
    Cheitanya RameshDay ago

    1:51 is a DIPOLADOCILUS