Wear My Skin = Donate $25,000

in total we donated around $25k :)

good things happen when you use the lazarbeam skin!

Shoutout to all the streamers rocking the beam skin:

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  • John Alls
    John Alls14 hours ago

    Because of this video you get a sub

  • John Alls

    John Alls

    14 hours ago

    Also this was funny

  • Flxmx
    FlxmxDay ago

    Lazarbeam is making three kids speak the sims language

  • Tom
    Tom2 days ago

    Hey lasar beam I bought your emote in the item shop so hope you see it

  • Kim-Long Ho
    Kim-Long Ho2 days ago

    Are your marches are like 1000$ ?

  • Tiger Classes
    Tiger Classes3 days ago

    That last screen go brrrr

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf5 days ago

    This is proof that fortnite skins are ptw

  • Wally Gerona
    Wally Gerona6 days ago

    Use code LAZAR

  • Martha Portillo
    Martha Portillo6 days ago

    Is he kissing me right know?😂😂

  • Pro bg
    Pro bg7 days ago

    What do you mean making your money back if I’m not mistaken you to go buy A dollar for every thousand or 100 view and by the looks of it you are more views then the amount of girlfriends fresh has SHEEZ

  • IceyColdY Y
    IceyColdY Y7 days ago

    8:04 was that cheats getting covered?

  • Lene Bitsch Andersen
    Lene Bitsch Andersen8 days ago


  • Lene Bitsch Andersen
    Lene Bitsch Andersen8 days ago


  • Nick Landeros
    Nick Landeros9 days ago

    youre slowly and slowly becoming mr beast, started with minecraft and vlogs, now giving away money

  • AuBooBoo
    AuBooBoo9 days ago


  • Blakeley Stephens
    Blakeley Stephens10 days ago

    This is when you have to much money

  • Amy Lynch
    Amy Lynch10 days ago

    lazarbeam did you see youtube vs tiktok fight cale vs ryan josthon landon mcrbroom vs ben azarlart tannerfox vs ryland storms faze javis vs michal le ddg vs nate whyatt deji vs vinne hacker aneson gib vs tayler holder austin mcrbroom vs bryce hall honest bye michal buffer and fousey and keemstar

  • fransisco campos
    fransisco campos10 days ago

    Fresh has a brother?!?!!

  • Army
    Army11 days ago


  • Jack Lovell
    Jack Lovell11 days ago

    It mildly annoys me how the whole chat on like every stream he donated on was like: "OMFG! HOLY SHIT! IS THIS REAL? W! WTF! HOW? NO WAY! WHAT?" they effing know. you don't have to spam in the chat.

  • Piryache
    Piryache12 days ago

    The moment rel said he the best memer in fortnute i said and roblox

  • isaac fisher
    isaac fisher12 days ago

    8:20 i think he got his sub goal

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez13 days ago

    shout out pls i watch all of your vids and always subscribe

  • MidKnight
    MidKnight14 days ago

    Kinda creepy ngl but wholesome 👍👍👍

  • WassupBoyz
    WassupBoyz15 days ago

    I like your skin

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw16 days ago

    Do you mind giving me 1000 dollars for controlling myself from playing fortnite

  • Nicolas Radzimski
    Nicolas Radzimski16 days ago

    he wasn't at max tho...

  • Sfay Waldman
    Sfay Waldman16 days ago


  • Ninja
    Ninja17 days ago

    That is my fortnite username

  • clint_yt
    clint_yt17 days ago

    Your freind jake looks like past ninja

  • Mason Nguyen
    Mason Nguyen17 days ago

    The plausible cave probably wave because atm functionally amuse against a evanescent produce. married, thirsty granddaughter

  • Salem Alnahdi
    Salem Alnahdi17 days ago


  • trusty vibes
    trusty vibes18 days ago

    me too

  • Everett Wheeler
    Everett Wheeler18 days ago

    Aw... 20 dollars... I wanted a peanut...

  • Zayngerous
    Zayngerous18 days ago


  • It’s Evie
    It’s Evie18 days ago

    Code lazar

  • Juan RB
    Juan RB19 days ago

    Lazarbeam why is you skin no longer in the item shop ☹️

  • Lily Hutchins
    Lily Hutchins19 days ago

    I feel like Lazer beam is the most richest Aussie

  • Spazo420volt
    Spazo420volt19 days ago

    Imagine not having your internet down while lazarbeam has a skin out in the store (couldn’t be me 😭😭😭😭😭)

  • Reina Guzman
    Reina Guzman20 days ago

    5:19 👍👍

  • svgcowboy
    svgcowboy21 day ago

    I wish I could be that rich lol

    BENOFTHEWEEK21 day ago


    BENOFTHEWEEK21 day ago

    i wish i was a streamer

  • Oliver Churchill
    Oliver Churchill22 days ago

    I remember one of those photos

  • Marie-Josée Chiasson
    Marie-Josée Chiasson22 days ago

    I wear your skin every Time and all de victory i did was whit your skin

  • Adam Abo Al-Magd
    Adam Abo Al-Magd22 days ago

    Lazerbeam became mr beast for a video :mr beast does a video about donating 100.000$$$

  • Hopelessly Dope
    Hopelessly Dope22 days ago

    The code Lazer was chefs kiss bro.

  • Craft Safe
    Craft Safe22 days ago

    5:01 The dono in the back

  • Freek
    Freek22 days ago

    8:06 I meeeeaaaaannn he did have the og lazarbeam skin 😂

  • Blz Motionz
    Blz Motionz23 days ago

    Nah that’s fresh’s brother 😂

  • Adam Ezra
    Adam Ezra23 days ago

    Laserbeam you’re a bloody legend

  • RandomPlays
    RandomPlays23 days ago

    Just violently screaming code lazar

  • ftboy247
    ftboy24723 days ago

    Like nothing but jiberish dyfykdjgsgjdgjsfjsfjxgjdgjdgjxgjzfjzbgxgnxgjdgjdhtdngdgjdgjxgjdgjdtjdgjdfhdgjzgjxgjxgjsgkxjgxgjdgkdgjxgjdjgdyjshkzhkxhkzhkskysfhxfhzfjxjgxgkxhkchkdgkfulfykfykfykfhkdykdykdykdgjxgjxngxgjxgnxgkxgkxykchkckyfkydykdjgfjyftjdkydylcygcgjxlgfiydtidyidyidyidyidyidyjxykdoyfofhldyjzruzthzhkztkdgjcgjdhkxjg.

  • Brayden Callahan
    Brayden Callahan23 days ago

    Not only best memer in fortnite but the worlds best memer

  • Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter23 days ago

    Code lazar

  • Liz Bullet
    Liz Bullet24 days ago

    figt sen bast

  • Timmyturtle10
    Timmyturtle1024 days ago

    6:23 younger sb737s twin

  • Timmyturtle10
    Timmyturtle1024 days ago


  • Timmyturtle10
    Timmyturtle1024 days ago


  • Cowboy fishy
    Cowboy fishy24 days ago

    When will your skin be back out I have been saving for 2 months for it I want it so bad u are my favorite USplanr

  • Imtrash OOF
    Imtrash OOF25 days ago

    I feel bad for the first guy who was wearing the skin in real life

  • Christian Vambenèpe-Undseth
    Christian Vambenèpe-Undseth25 days ago

    8:35 Beating the daily sub goal

  • Jackson Clemmer
    Jackson Clemmer25 days ago

    Lazarbeam, the second mr. Beast

  • Jayden Gavriel Tanudjaja
    Jayden Gavriel Tanudjaja26 days ago

    Welp next time I stream I'm using his skin

  • oski moe
    oski moe26 days ago

    I didn’t know lazer and beast are the same person

  • Ameer Syed
    Ameer Syed26 days ago

    Mad_hatter9988 has your skin really

  • Jayan Menon
    Jayan Menon27 days ago

    Lazarbeam is getting all the mom's as I can see.

  • munachi nzeakor
    munachi nzeakor27 days ago

    lazar fast lanan out here changing lives

  • Eggo Films
    Eggo Films27 days ago

    Get out of the way Mr. Beast, there’s a new hero in town…

  • CrazyKidYT
    CrazyKidYT27 days ago

    LazarBeam more like MrBeast

  • Revvy
    Revvy28 days ago

    4:13 sicko mode

  • Coolgamersky
    Coolgamersky28 days ago

    8:03 he gave him a 1000 cuz he was probably wearing gingy's skin

  • cquick 3
    cquick 328 days ago

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Martha Portillo

    Martha Portillo

    6 days ago

    ✝💕Bless him💕✝

  • Ethan Keough
    Ethan Keough28 days ago

    For the speech I would of just said YES

  • Izayah Morales
    Izayah Morales28 days ago

    I have ben wearing ur skin for ever can u add me 12xzop

  • brtax
    brtax28 days ago


  • Neat Beaker
    Neat Beaker28 days ago

    I am gona say code lazar in every vid

  • Neat Beaker
    Neat Beaker28 days ago

    But guy actually use code lazar

  • ZPK_Uchiwa
    ZPK_Uchiwa28 days ago

    6:44 Sounded like the Alia laughing meme. oh yeah btw

  • Brian Padias
    Brian Padias29 days ago

    Your giving people thousands of dollars because they bought your skin

  • Heratius
    Heratius29 days ago

    Money does mind control

  • pawiwi
    pawiwi29 days ago

    I want to buy your skin but im poor i have one skin for money :(((((

  • Camdyn Morrow
    Camdyn Morrow29 days ago

    Jake looks like 2016 ninja

  • gaming videos
    gaming videos29 days ago

    Code lazer Cold laser called Lazer cold laser code lazar call later called Lazer cold cold

  • hppy bird
    hppy bird29 days ago

    4:29 the fuaq? 😀

  • Blake boii
    Blake boii29 days ago

    code lazarlazar lol

  • Dark dragon
    Dark dragon29 days ago

    Lazer is so funny

  • RSF Kurvyz
    RSF Kurvyz29 days ago

    When we see the face of Lannan;the chair is like: LETS GOO I WILL BREAK THE WALL

  • Nonsense player
    Nonsense playerMonth ago


    AVE ROMAEMonth ago

    Hero’s never die

  • Latresa Nelson
    Latresa NelsonMonth ago


  • Eleonora Okeefe
    Eleonora OkeefeMonth ago

    The deeply sheet relatedly open because swan geometrically squeal behind a ruddy grill. awake, knowledgeable plow

  • belmper
    belmperMonth ago

    I love your vids.use code Lazer

  • metal detector
    metal detectorMonth ago

    Code fresh lol

  • TJP
    TJPMonth ago

    He is mrbeast but not in American

  • Karl Sikora
    Karl SikoraMonth ago

    I just realised that I spelt it wrong I meant code lazar

  • Karl Sikora
    Karl SikoraMonth ago

    I know can only use code lazer

  • CoolYous
    CoolYousMonth ago

    It sounds so good when lannan says code lazar

  • McNugget John
    McNugget JohnMonth ago

    When it comes out again I’m gonna cop it

  • TECHNO Gaming
    TECHNO GamingMonth ago

    LazarBeam said is that fresh Compiteive teammate and I look in the chat and I see the same thing

  • The Gamers Channel
    The Gamers ChannelMonth ago

    If ur not subbed to lazar I will take all ur vbak