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  • pixelpro 3033
    pixelpro 30338 hours ago

    I traded 4 emeralds for 5 bread, Villagers are walking scams

  • Lincoln Barnidge
    Lincoln Barnidge13 hours ago

    8:28 what kinda smile is that

  • crak head king
    crak head king13 hours ago

    Bring back the mulet Every one I need you to spam bring the mulet back plz

  • Jimar Noman
    Jimar Noman13 hours ago

    What in the god dam alabama hell is this? -Lazarbeam 2021

  • haydos dayos
    haydos dayos16 hours ago


  • haydos dayos
    haydos dayos17 hours ago


  • Hugh Gallagher
    Hugh Gallagher20 hours ago


  • Masters T
    Masters TDay ago

    5:58 so if money get happiness MrBest is the world happiest person

  • mememario
    mememarioDay ago

    8:28 well I'm Arabian so I'm gonna translate that means to jump or go down basically they want him to fall from the building Nice to be arabian(other than the racist parts of course

  • Kit
    KitDay ago

    Because you’re trash jk

  • epic gamerman
    epic gamermanDay ago

    3:27 o7 when he hits the ground he is gonna go splat

  • Rebecca Winn
    Rebecca WinnDay ago


  • Fortnite memes
    Fortnite memesDay ago

    Everyone gangster until the refrigerator starts charging ya

  • Shahriyor Ashirmamatov
    Shahriyor AshirmamatovDay ago

    Laser beam: I just got just got jump scared by garbage Me: how would you get jump scared by yourself... Just saying this is a joke SO DONT GET MAD AND BE ANNOYING

    ACE ACEDay ago

    Play apex if your struggling to find content

  • Rydit
    RyditDay ago

    8:28 the horse begined

  • Tiesen Wooten
    Tiesen Wooten2 days ago

    im a bloody legend

  • Gabrielle Patterson
    Gabrielle Patterson2 days ago

    No he’s wearing a Boston Celtics shirt

  • I.k 7000
    I.k 70002 days ago

    He got a f@cking 19M subs

  • ok
    ok3 days ago

    I forgor💀

  • Franco Tadeo KOTYNIA
    Franco Tadeo KOTYNIA3 days ago

    Ese culo bota caca signifícates that ass drops sheet

  • Bj Valkyrie
    Bj Valkyrie4 days ago

    What is that song called at 1:00

  • Predator Killer
    Predator Killer4 days ago

    Matt laserbeam song about I’m bored you should make it your theme song like of video you make

  • Djrogo31
    Djrogo314 days ago

    That’s me that’s me I am the Lonley one

  • Yeet
    Yeet4 days ago

    "TikTok, I'm a clock. And I have a co-''

  • Reee
    Reee5 days ago

    4:34 hmm reminds me of that one time Tony starts was reaching for the door but Peter thought he was going in for a hug

  • Real Deadpool

    Real Deadpool

    3 days ago

    Yeah, I remember when I watched Homecoming and there was that scene

  • Liam Cummings
    Liam Cummings5 days ago

    I’m 13 and I knew blue since I was 6 lmaoo

  • Ryan Viskovic
    Ryan Viskovic5 days ago

    I laughed until he reminded me I’m lonely

  • Grady’s books
    Grady’s books5 days ago


  • id k
    id k5 days ago


  • cquick 3
    cquick 35 days ago

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Aimee Jackson
    Aimee Jackson5 days ago

    OMG razor beam is wearing my favorite basketball team the Boston Celtics😮😎🖕

  • CyBerKittyz
    CyBerKittyz5 days ago

    Eminem 2.0

  • Charlie B ???
    Charlie B ???5 days ago

    Intense music: lazarbeam: IMMMM BORRRREDDD

  • Spirit Bird8960
    Spirit Bird89606 days ago

    Insert thrawn head here: 2:53

  • Rigo Hernandez
    Rigo Hernandez6 days ago

    I’m bored

  • Alfredo Castillo
    Alfredo Castillo6 days ago

    When he says he was said I was scared by trash was he scared of muselk

  • cquick 3
    cquick 36 days ago

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️✝️

  • SFfonger
    SFfonger7 days ago

    I am bored too. I love ur content. U earned a new subscriber :D

  • ZenitsuButWithDrip
    ZenitsuButWithDrip7 days ago


  • security system
    security system7 days ago

    loved the video lazar!the

  • Mikail Yes
    Mikail Yes7 days ago

    Get it he vacuumed your joke

  • Megan Kreinen
    Megan Kreinen7 days ago

    Hi lazerbem

  • Cruminum2 tips
    Cruminum2 tips7 days ago

    I love how when I watch the vid there is like 5 tic tic ads

  • Antony Accary
    Antony Accary7 days ago

    f in chat for the guy

  • Louise Van Dugteren
    Louise Van Dugteren7 days ago

    i am bored too the only thing i can do is watch your vids

  • Ww2productions: 89
    Ww2productions: 897 days ago

    Hi bord

  • TRG_Repulse
    TRG_Repulse7 days ago

    Lazarbeam just cause we’re from Alabama doesn’t mean we’re not good at things cause our football team is really good oh wait your from Australia

  • Bakugo, Katski
    Bakugo, Katski7 days ago


  • My Wonderful Family
    My Wonderful Family7 days ago


  • TheOnlyDoge
    TheOnlyDoge7 days ago

    Great Vid!

  • Edie Sotiriadis
    Edie Sotiriadis8 days ago

    OMG this is like the funniest video i have ever seen.I also love the one where the boy farted into the microphone at the shop…😂😘

  • Braydoss
    Braydoss8 days ago

    lazar: money does buy happiness also lazar: still depresed but less than before

  • Erin Pratt
    Erin Pratt8 days ago

    i have a youtube chanle its jumpingsharkgamming

  • Erin Pratt
    Erin Pratt8 days ago


  • Erin Pratt
    Erin Pratt8 days ago

    yeet yeet

  • Erin Pratt
    Erin Pratt8 days ago


  • ShaneGoCrazy
    ShaneGoCrazy8 days ago

    GOD bless everybody Jesus Christ loves you

  • Lindsey Gibson
    Lindsey Gibson8 days ago

    Lazarbeam should just do a TikTok lol

  • Letty Rodgers
    Letty Rodgers8 days ago

    You are so funny😂

  • Jean Fleuri
    Jean Fleuri8 days ago


  • God Gamer
    God Gamer8 days ago

    Imac studios studios is clickbait and subscribe to grandpa USA Fortnite live

  • srz diff
    srz diff9 days ago

    2:24 ur hilarious i cracked up laughing

  • 冰雪龙德立
    冰雪龙德立9 days ago

    Why are we still here just to suffer

  • Jack Gilfillan
    Jack Gilfillan9 days ago

    your sister got BURRRRNNNNNNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BP4Life
    BP4Life9 days ago

    I love how Lazar said I'm a clock and I have a c..k

  • Bb Bob
    Bb Bob9 days ago

    Something similar happened to me the waiter waiting for me to give him the menu and I gave him a hand shake

    ABIVINSEB10 days ago

    I got jumpscared by garbage🤣🤣

  • Hyberbeast
    Hyberbeast10 days ago

    "I can't really wink with one eye" *that's the whole point of winking*

  • I love saving animals Izzy cook
    I love saving animals Izzy cook10 days ago

    *I just got jumped scared by garbage* I wasn't there tho

  • Manny MASSAWE
    Manny MASSAWE10 days ago


  • Jeremy Zhariam
    Jeremy Zhariam10 days ago


  • Thomas Antonishak
    Thomas Antonishak10 days ago

    Dang that chicken oh what do you see nothing wrong chicken wing

  • mr cutie paws
    mr cutie paws11 days ago

    yo lemon did we ask if u were bored huh huh huh

  • Nope
    Nope11 days ago

    “I just got jump scared by garbage” -Lazarbeam 2021

  • Vimanjo
    Vimanjo11 days ago


  • Christian Betancourt
    Christian Betancourt11 days ago


  • Shelli
    Shelli11 days ago

    1:36 to anyone wondering the song is called im bored by endigo

  • Precise Storm
    Precise Storm12 days ago

    Congrats for 19 mil

  • LCGames213
    LCGames21312 days ago


  • Kenny Garcia
    Kenny Garcia12 days ago

    Tik tok i have a clock and a c**k

  • PARR Plays 2
    PARR Plays 212 days ago

    3:26 why is this funny, I watched it multiple times and started crying

  • Shirts For 1
    Shirts For 112 days ago

    Cheers to the door subscriber man

  • Skully435
    Skully43512 days ago


    ALI HAMMOUD12 days ago


  • BaconsrcoolYT
    BaconsrcoolYT12 days ago

    I was drinking water at 4:58 and spit it out and got water all over me

  • Jaime Sanchez Salazar
    Jaime Sanchez Salazar12 days ago

    I am 2 minutes in and i see that

  • 24Kworthy
    24Kworthy13 days ago


    ITS AVENGISH13 days ago

    Be sure to use the Star Code LAZAR and sub to him pls!!! :D

  • NicPat Jones
    NicPat Jones13 days ago

    Good man

  • NicPat Jones
    NicPat Jones13 days ago

    Ya go for the celtics

  • G_Dan_L21
    G_Dan_L2113 days ago


  • My GuY
    My GuY13 days ago


  • Jennifer Lucas
    Jennifer Lucas13 days ago


  • jeremy strauss
    jeremy strauss13 days ago

    Sup eminem

  • Ahmed Owais
    Ahmed Owais14 days ago

    While watching the garbage one I had tea in my mouth

  • Colin Tulley
    Colin Tulley14 days ago


  • Supernicholai
    Supernicholai14 days ago

    Nobody: Lazarbeam: I AM BORED

  • Dexter's diner
    Dexter's diner14 days ago