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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam20 days ago

    my back so screwed in this video so sorry if it a weak episode lmao

  • arion buchanan

    arion buchanan

    Day ago

    you neeed to play warframe its soooo payed to win trust me play it

  • Lennon Levatte

    Lennon Levatte

    4 days ago

    I'm am moo

  • Amy D

    Amy D

    4 days ago

    lol pls be funnier next vid

  • Aerodynamic Gaming

    Aerodynamic Gaming

    14 days ago

    Tiktok is communist

  • Nikstar112


    20 days ago

    Me: tries to get top comment Verified USplanrs: imma end this mans career

  • Void_nova
    Void_nova3 minutes ago


  • PhAntom1521
    PhAntom15214 hours ago

    4:23 I had and still have that problem

  • Max Drew
    Max Drew4 hours ago


  • Sorry this user has been banned
    Sorry this user has been banned5 hours ago

    Lazar beam what my videos or Ariana grande will come to your bed

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith6 hours ago

    Hi lazarbeam I'm a big big fan I always wanted

  • Orangutan with internet
    Orangutan with internet9 hours ago

    2:00 I'm dead

  • Harry Downs
    Harry Downs9 hours ago

    Lazabeam do some back stretches it would help

  • Wolfe's lovers zoe
    Wolfe's lovers zoe10 hours ago

    Old boyyyyyy

  • Cats are cute
    Cats are cute10 hours ago

    I was bored too and now I’m not:)

  • King Razor
    King Razor10 hours ago

    this was posted on my bday

    DOPEGAMES13 hours ago

    It is 12 in the night where I’m at

  • Dylan VDL
    Dylan VDL13 hours ago


  • ttvloxa1mz z
    ttvloxa1mz z13 hours ago


  • Adam Lenhart
    Adam Lenhart15 hours ago

    the dad's fave vid is one of mine too

  • ItzHotlava
    ItzHotlava15 hours ago

    Dude last video I ALMOST GOT COPYRIGHTED for fortnite Tik Tok emotes

  • Teek Stevens
    Teek Stevens15 hours ago


  • Zane1919 nine
    Zane1919 nine15 hours ago

    I remember when you was playing madden lol

  • RPK_NarutoKun
    RPK_NarutoKun16 hours ago

    It's the chedo guy tail

  • GamerLazoe
    GamerLazoe17 hours ago

    8:41 I already watch this one but it still get's me

  • Raiden Crespo
    Raiden Crespo18 hours ago

    Go bald Please daddy (moaning sounds)

  • Tass Banis
    Tass Banis18 hours ago


  • Nrabro365
    Nrabro36519 hours ago

    Ha got eeem

  • Fartsiesss R my fav
    Fartsiesss R my fav19 hours ago

    2:02 WHO EATS WITH A FUCKING FORK!!!!!! It is a joke donned take is Seriously

  • Fartsiesss R my fav

    Fartsiesss R my fav

    19 hours ago


  • Gemma Morley
    Gemma Morley20 hours ago

    you say that your sisters yt acount needs to be protected by the dog but what abouts sakura

  • Cederick Bregman
    Cederick Bregman21 hour ago

    hi sounded like mister cheese when he said little did he know there was a man in the bear

  • Phoenix Watt
    Phoenix Watt23 hours ago

    that cheesy looks like a imbilacal cord

  • chris papalii
    chris papaliiDay ago


  • Brycen Gaming
    Brycen GamingDay ago

    4:18 That happened to me when I went to Mount Rushmore, we stopped at a burger restaurant. I ordered a burger with meat and cheese only and they forgot the buns. lol


    We want more photoshop battel

  • YTBen Plays
    YTBen PlaysDay ago

    0:22 is the luca movie ending

  • TVockstar Is A Nerd
    TVockstar Is A NerdDay ago

    why is the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen his extremely old channel icon

  • Caleb The Gamer2011
    Caleb The Gamer2011Day ago

    0:53 lol

  • Parker Engle
    Parker EngleDay ago

    The first TickTock was Luka

  • MoonMeister
    MoonMeisterDay ago

    pyro from tf2 in 10 years time

  • Harley Gibson
    Harley GibsonDay ago


  • LT615
    LT615Day ago

    “I am bored” - LazarBeam

  • Amelia Pezzano
    Amelia PezzanoDay ago

    my mm sees a pimple and strarta running

  • Lazarbeam’s Dad
    Lazarbeam’s DadDay ago

    Lannan why you did not tall me about your back pain

  • Lila PJOfan
    Lila PJOfanDay ago

    My friend did the same thing with that soccer ball but instead into a school window 😂

  • Thereelgamerkid
    ThereelgamerkidDay ago

    I am bored with Lazarbeam reddit edition

  • Kid 124
    Kid 124Day ago


  • Jeret Roslin
    Jeret RoslinDay ago

    no lannan the tiktoks were funny asssssss

  • DiAngelo Bruno
    DiAngelo BrunoDay ago

    Bro i have a long time not wactching lazerbeam

  • Charlie Newton
    Charlie NewtonDay ago

    It looks like an egg twinning with sister

  • Harrington_Gaming
    Harrington_GamingDay ago

    why does that doll eat cereal with a fork ??

  • Harrington_Gaming


    Day ago

    2:04is when it happened

  • justchattingshiz
    justchattingshizDay ago

    I got banned permenantley on tik tok for sticking my middle finger up after they stuck there's up at me

  • Eunjin Choi
    Eunjin ChoiDay ago

    Dood I ❤️u toiktok wewakin

  • Poffy
    PoffyDay ago

    Upload more pls lazar

  • Evy salazar
    Evy salazarDay ago

    The worried chess postsurgically chop because clam potentially trap notwithstanding a uncovered wallaby. slim, capable teller

  • Lisa Burdick
    Lisa BurdickDay ago

    I just got the Lazerbeam

  • Josh Drinke
    Josh DrinkeDay ago

    lazar if you want good funny tik toks look at unnecessary inventions :)

    ZORAY ZAIR0Day ago

    That is not the bloody legend i used to watch.

  • DJ Macey
    DJ Macey2 days ago

    Don’t go bald you will regret it my father shaved his hair at 26 and hasn’t grown back since

  • ONNI R
    ONNI R2 days ago

    That's a certified *B R U H* moment

  • RaffRascal YT
    RaffRascal YT2 days ago


  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx2 days ago

    İm bord

  • Clutch Skelly
    Clutch Skelly2 days ago

    1:06 image the Shite those toy wood have seen

  • Daniel Da Boy
    Daniel Da Boy2 days ago


    CAMILO ACOSTA2 days ago

    omg I was just on a among us lobby with the so called LAZERBEAM and then the worst thing that chould posibly happen happened I DISCONECTED seriously why world WHY I was soexcited and then that happened also I was the one that was cyan with a child and child hat if you see this LAZERBEAM plz respong wow this is way to long I should stop typing now

  • E E
    E E2 days ago

    2:57 and then the dad became a school shooter

  • darkphantom
    darkphantom2 days ago

    0:50 roblox oof

  • Fortnite pro
    Fortnite pro2 days ago

    Because it’s trash

  • Xd Mario
    Xd Mario2 days ago

    Too many I’m bored to count

  • Blobflykills
    Blobflykills2 days ago

    Is everyone ignoring the Donald trump in the Cabinet

  • Daredevil
    Daredevil2 days ago

    I like how he says I feel bad for mother that gave birth to that baby

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez2 days ago

    And Go 3:44

  • Splaxz
    Splaxz2 days ago

    Who else wanna see “lazar beam goes fishing “

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez2 days ago

    Go 1:02

  • Djrogo31
    Djrogo312 days ago

    When that guy starts crying because he is lonely I’m like” me and that guy are the same”

  • Chi Onyiri
    Chi Onyiri2 days ago

    For God so loved the world the he gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for us and who shall believe In him h Shall not die but have eternal life Jesus loves you so much so does God and the Hopy Spirit.

  • Edgar cool guy and dad
    Edgar cool guy and dad2 days ago

    That was funny😂😂😂

  • Edgar cool guy and dad
    Edgar cool guy and dad2 days ago


  • Edgar cool guy and dad
    Edgar cool guy and dad2 days ago

    Lazarbeam do MOREEEEEE I LOVE IT

  • Tron_Nemesis
    Tron_Nemesis2 days ago

    what the fu

  • Maksim kochnev
    Maksim kochnev2 days ago

    He got a channel stricke 🤔

  • L.A.Z.A.R.B.E.A.M L.E.G.E.N.D™️
    L.A.Z.A.R.B.E.A.M L.E.G.E.N.D™️2 days ago

    I am Blo*dy legend!

  • Sean Haist
    Sean Haist2 days ago

    (7:00) Dude I know my ex was like that it’s kinda weird

  • Jorge Allende
    Jorge Allende2 days ago


  • kayle meinie
    kayle meinie2 days ago

    What is the tracks name that plays in the background of the cheeto puff tik tok?

  • ✨Jaskaran✨
    ✨Jaskaran✨2 days ago


  • Matt E
    Matt E3 days ago

    I love plate vending machines I have 2 of them in my house but I always have to buy more every 2 days.

  • Adnan Hasan
    Adnan Hasan3 days ago

    Lazarbeam's cow looked like a lady bug 😂

  • Jack B
    Jack B3 days ago

    GO BALD 😂

  • Thegoldendrago 77
    Thegoldendrago 773 days ago

    lazar is good again :D

  • Thomas miller
    Thomas miller3 days ago

    The amount of people who have ordered burgers without buns at my maccas is insane

  • oNeSHoT KnIghT
    oNeSHoT KnIghT3 days ago

    Me running to lazar to tell him that that woman broke up with Shreck so you go get him 🤣

  • Luca Liebl
    Luca Liebl3 days ago

    React to kallmekris to toks

  • RayRay World
    RayRay World3 days ago

    Hello lannan

  • raz fortnite
    raz fortnite3 days ago

    I will say something you don't know.bok moje ime je noa,imam 9 godina.

  • Easton Martin
    Easton Martin3 days ago

    The it’s a doll just ruined the whole thing, lazarbeam still laughs

  • NZG Churr
    NZG Churr3 days ago

    lazar beam if didnt u see i spelt lazar like you always say

  • PeeKa
    PeeKa3 days ago

    Honestly, bald lazar looks like seth everman

  • yx Mandani
    yx Mandani3 days ago

    I’m bored to

  • East Warr
    East Warr3 days ago

    Is cow picture looks like a mix between the Chick-fil-A chicken and a cow

  • bckham
    bckham3 days ago

    yeah those leeches in the flood water is just an australian thing lmao

  • Brum Ag
    Brum Ag3 days ago

    7:46 Best drawing ever seen

  • RayRay World

    RayRay World

    34 minutes ago

    @Brum Ag Ur a legend

  • RayRay World

    RayRay World

    35 minutes ago

    Thanks man

  • Brum Ag

    Brum Ag

    37 minutes ago

    I SUB

  • Brum Ag

    Brum Ag

    37 minutes ago


  • RayRay World

    RayRay World

    2 days ago


  • Brum Ag
    Brum Ag3 days ago

    4:29 WTF

  • Brum Ag
    Brum Ag3 days ago

    2:56 cheese dancing