SEASON 7 MEMES (fortnite is back)

Fortnite is good again woo!

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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeamMonth ago

    Sorry if audio was abit scuffed (too loud) i edited this with lack of sleep :)

  • 999✔️


    28 days ago


  • BruhBoiGame


    Month ago

    @CeeGeeTee Stfu, that’s how many

  • Fruit


    Month ago

    @GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] fix ur English first

  • gAmer 1

    gAmer 1

    Month ago

    It’s ok this video is awesome and amazing still

  • Cummer63


    Month ago

    @Pluto V2 bloody legend

  • Tabatha Proud
    Tabatha Proud10 hours ago

    Come over to Australia I’ll show you around

  • dark Knight regirock
    dark Knight regirock14 hours ago


  • Tyman11
    Tyman1115 hours ago


  • Alex
    AlexDay ago

    Fortnite and Roblox make for every age so don’t call fortnite a baby game B.j Read more

  • ZEN Conveytv
    ZEN ConveytvDay ago


  • Ema Bushgjoka
    Ema BushgjokaDay ago

    im built diffrent lolllll

  • Gartexx
    Gartexx2 days ago

    Its weird lazar hasnt still went to spawn Island with ufo and dragged battlebuss to the map

  • Alex
    Alex2 days ago

    If i troll y’all then like my comment. read more

  • Alex


    2 days ago

    I edited it Bc i spelled came

  • 𝘌𝘯𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘯𝘢𝘴𝘩
    𝘌𝘯𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘯𝘢𝘴𝘩3 days ago

    lazerbeam sucks

  • dev veer vacher
    dev veer vacher3 days ago

    lazarbeam- fortnite is back also lazarbeam- makes two season seven videos

  • Dark Stalker3146
    Dark Stalker31463 days ago

    remember when fortnite only cared about their skins but still but effort in? Now they can't even bother to care about making skins, they just see a popular show or movie or something and copy it

  • Hockey Gaming
    Hockey Gaming3 days ago

    Lazar at 1:40 : Holy shit I was way TWO close

  • epic games
    epic games4 days ago

    Is that season cool wait form superman

  • Adrian An
    Adrian An4 days ago

    The Lamma did not die it teleported

  • itsSIXZERRxy
    itsSIXZERRxy4 days ago


  • Code_parker
    Code_parker4 days ago

    Memes for days

  • Axel Rivera
    Axel Rivera5 days ago

    God bless yall remember Jesus loves you unconditionally

  • Hippity Hoppity
    Hippity Hoppity5 days ago

    he played this once then left lol

  • mthorne507
    mthorne5075 days ago

    This man guessed this crossover

  • ♡HexTheBear♡
    ♡HexTheBear♡6 days ago

    I miss gingerbread 😢

  • Rockstar Rourke
    Rockstar Rourke6 days ago

    Thank you lazarbeam for your awesome contact you are one of the reason I started to make a USplan channel and start making USplan videos

  • Karim Zakaria
    Karim Zakaria6 days ago


  • A Bizarre Pizza Guy
    A Bizarre Pizza Guy6 days ago


  • dabfoxer
    dabfoxer7 days ago

    Fornite is becoming a dead meme

  • Felix KEY
    Felix KEY7 days ago

    why does the get probed filter crack me up

  • Tex gamer
    Tex gamer8 days ago

    Why r aliens french 🤣🤣

  • Bayley Anderson
    Bayley Anderson8 days ago

    can i be your friend in fortnite pls i am australian to

  • Catman playz
    Catman playz9 days ago

    Hey did you know if the UFO is at 1HP if you land and wait it regenerates HP

  • Charlie Alexander10
    Charlie Alexander109 days ago

    Please check my channel

  • Charlie Alexander10

    Charlie Alexander10

    9 days ago

    It’s Charlie Alexander 10 or just Charlie Alexander

  • noddle40 hi
    noddle40 hi9 days ago

    lazarbeam predicted rick and morty collab when kevin first got released

  • flippy
    flippy9 days ago

    I just love when he does that face every season

  • Niamh Kirk Kirk
    Niamh Kirk Kirk9 days ago


  • Mollie Binch
    Mollie Binch10 days ago

    EAT IT BEAT IT (7:32)

  • dussaal
    dussaal10 days ago

    This season is a breath of fresh air after the last one

  • countzero77
    countzero7710 days ago

    it works like a zipline

  • Aspen Fuss
    Aspen Fuss11 days ago


  • Koby Sisson
    Koby Sisson11 days ago

    You have the best memes

  • PsyonicDragon
    PsyonicDragon11 days ago

    Dino Nuggies

  • maskedstream4
    maskedstream412 days ago

    After the first win I remember the this gun is cursed video and it’s ironic that he lost most of his rounds with that gun

  • shefsufla
    shefsufla12 days ago

    USplan is 51 one tears old

  • Irena Hattam
    Irena Hattam14 days ago

    Lazar why do u use the same face in every new season thumbnail man u are lazy

  • The Emo With A Pencil
    The Emo With A Pencil14 days ago

    Oh wow good job lannan, you didnt need freshy boy to get a win

  • it's travisplayz
    it's travisplayz15 days ago


  • Ethan Linkens
    Ethan Linkens15 days ago

    Hi lazar I have your skin in Fortnite it’s my favorite skin no cap 🧢

  • ry
    ry16 days ago

    I won this season like 578 match

  • Azeal Axe
    Azeal Axe16 days ago


  • Azeal Axe

    Azeal Axe

    16 days ago


  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez16 days ago

    0:37 fonite

  • Springtrap
    Springtrap16 days ago


  • ttvdrakko
    ttvdrakko16 days ago

    I challenge you to a 1v1

  • Rasa Griksaite
    Rasa Griksaite16 days ago

    im gonna be in fortnite in the chapter 3 season 7 cause my computer is a low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low end laptop and im gonna get a new laptop in another year

  • Rasa Griksaite
    Rasa Griksaite16 days ago

    jeez man i have a low low low low low low low low low low low end pc so i can't play fortnite even in the most lowest graphics in the game

  • Rat King
    Rat King17 days ago

    They’ve added too much to fortnite, too many crossovers, the reason I stopped playing, and because it got boring

  • Cool Kids
    Cool Kids17 days ago

    Memes win

  • Cool Kids
    Cool Kids17 days ago


  • ShadowKillerzz_ilya CL
    ShadowKillerzz_ilya CL17 days ago

    Imagine that every time you abduct someone in Fortnite with a UFO the illuminati song plays... It will be so funny😂

  • Sherlock Homeless
    Sherlock Homeless17 days ago

    Loving the usual 1 video every season nice dude

  • LucasTheGamer7
    LucasTheGamer717 days ago


  • Aussie Sportsman
    Aussie Sportsman17 days ago

    I avoided watching this for so long because I didn’t have the time to get the new season but now I finally have it I’m watching and it’s amazing.

  • Tamlyn Marafiote
    Tamlyn Marafiote17 days ago

    Why did you not do a season review

  • Michael Waters
    Michael Waters18 days ago

    mems beat sweat cos mems more fun

  • DGAV
    DGAV18 days ago

    Dat face tho

  • australianbeekeeper
    australianbeekeeper18 days ago

    When you get a victory royal play chug jug with you

  • Segun Lewin
    Segun Lewin18 days ago

    Anyone wanna buy a fortnite account?

  • rrimzy_
    rrimzy_19 days ago

    You should play call of duty warzone

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez19 days ago

    0:13 yas

  • Cris
    Cris19 days ago

    Season 7? 7 new season of that bullshit after season 8 of chapter one it got trash

  • nijimura okuyasu

    nijimura okuyasu

    18 days ago

    This season kinda fun tho

  • CidSensei
    CidSensei20 days ago

    Fortnite cant stop ripping off bruh

  • CidSensei


    18 days ago

    @nijimura okuyasu hmm *sigh* rick and morty? hmm i dont know....

  • nijimura okuyasu

    nijimura okuyasu

    18 days ago

    What did it rip off this time bruh?

  • Tristen Mendoza
    Tristen Mendoza20 days ago


  • Ryan Molstad
    Ryan Molstad20 days ago

    omg I haven't watched lazarBeam in so long

  • X2 Galixy
    X2 Galixy21 day ago

    if u respond i will donate 50 p to a charity of your choice

  • FourWolvesAndAWoof
    FourWolvesAndAWoof21 day ago

    My God its the guy from fortni.... Rick and Morty

  • Cultured Butter
    Cultured Butter21 day ago

    This just has bush world adventures vibes

  • Bey Origin
    Bey Origin21 day ago

    As soon as he got that toilet paper trail he has never changed it

  • TJ Shavnore
    TJ Shavnore21 day ago

    Frende e my name is jshavnore fortnite

  • KMN Kevbot
    KMN Kevbot21 day ago

    Does nobody notice the capturing America shield

  • Caleb Rice
    Caleb Rice21 day ago


  • Hugh Cooney
    Hugh Cooney22 days ago

    Spy ninjas need your help on spy ninjas versus project Zorago

  • Captain galaxy
    Captain galaxy22 days ago

    Even with the new season I still don't really like fortnite mainly because it's hard to have fun in BR mainly from the sweats. I miss pre-chapter 2

  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh22 days ago

    My mans been using that thumbnail face since season 9

  • vladimir _19up
    vladimir _19up22 days ago

    Man really did a kamakaze

  • Angel Espinoza
    Angel Espinoza22 days ago

    I have a challenge. win fortnite but only use ufo's

  • HONKXD gaming
    HONKXD gaming23 days ago

    Professional yeet

  • xMachine
    xMachine23 days ago

    "That is a UFO win." -Lazarbeam, 2021

  • cool games ben
    cool games ben23 days ago

    Funny video idea get a truck and put gas cans on the back of the truck then drive it into someone the shoot the gas cans

  • fry
    fry24 days ago

    Also the reason he survived the fall was because when you throw em it gives em low gravity

  • Imakit Raps 🎤
    Imakit Raps 🎤24 days ago

    Mooorrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyy ( I’m looking for a rapper challenger

  • Sadge Ducc
    Sadge Ducc24 days ago

    WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!! - Rick Sanchez

  • Striker
    Striker24 days ago

    That laugh at 5:09

  • A Pyro Main
    A Pyro Main24 days ago

    This is the first time he changed his skin since like his skin came out I believe

  • Savage Warrior Vicencio
    Savage Warrior Vicencio25 days ago

    That giggle at 5:09

  • Ajay Tomkins
    Ajay Tomkins25 days ago

    hey lazarbeam big fan im just wondering what website you use to grind up xp as im trying to get rainbow rick if u see this pls respond:)

  • Omen
    Omen25 days ago

    4:04 little south park reference

  • ada roxana copot
    ada roxana copot25 days ago

    I remember being scared of the moving lama i was like nope and i didnt get it 😂

  • Z3nn0
    Z3nn025 days ago

    Hi Lazerbeam, is it ok if we have a few games of Fortnite someday?Im in Australia Too, Cheers the laser beam he’s true blue, he’s NOT a piss pot true and blue

  • Jarv2021
    Jarv202125 days ago

    Lazarbeam: I have decided to announce my retirement from Fortnite My respect for lazarbeam 📈📈📈📈

  • Daphnie Jeannot
    Daphnie Jeannot25 days ago

    Area 51 found a ufo omg

  • Daphnie Jeannot
    Daphnie Jeannot25 days ago


  • Daphnie Jeannot
    Daphnie Jeannot25 days ago

    Pickle rick

  • Daphnie Jeannot
    Daphnie Jeannot25 days ago

    Pickle rich