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  • Kelly Warriner
    Kelly Warriner4 hours ago

    What is that music called 6:23

  • Scotty Chapman
    Scotty Chapman5 hours ago

    I love it when Lazarbeam spends money to beat up chilldren

  • Donna Goadby
    Donna Goadby6 hours ago

    Cheers to lazar beam he true blue he’s off bot thro and thro

  • Donna Goadby
    Donna Goadby6 hours ago

    Cheers to lazar beam he true blue he’s off bot thro and thro

  • Sorry this user has been banned
    Sorry this user has been banned7 hours ago


  • Sorry this user has been banned
    Sorry this user has been banned7 hours ago

    Lazar lazar please watch my videos or you won’t have any money to spend in Roblox and when you don’t have money you die lol

  • Lupita Godinez
    Lupita Godinez8 hours ago

    This is funny lmfao

    SPIKE DRIFT TOBORX10 hours ago


  • Nathan Montero
    Nathan Montero11 hours ago

    Lazarbeam expurgation aka tricky phase 4 saids cookie and gingy is a cookie

  • Gigi Channel
    Gigi Channel12 hours ago

    He did dream so dirty 💀 (He wasn't wrong tho)

  • The Last One Stands
    The Last One Stands14 hours ago

    if your gonna make another roblox video can 1 of the games be Shark Bite?

  • DJ Cook
    DJ Cook15 hours ago

    I love lazarbeam

  • Savannah Kirbach
    Savannah Kirbach15 hours ago

    i love you

  • Benjamin Summers
    Benjamin Summers19 hours ago

    Interesting fact: my opening ad was how to get unlimited tonic🤔

  • arne van impe
    arne van impe21 hour ago

    Roblox kids that doesnt have any robux u belike just spending millions of dolars on roblox and never giving away

  • J o t a r o
    J o t a r oDay ago

    Maybe play craftwars, its difficult to become the best, also ur only objective there is to get 100B Dollars P.S. "Bow before my 6 dollars"

  • Ratana Soteven_1D
    Ratana Soteven_1DDay ago

    Laser beam is time ruined Roblox kids

  • fazal hussain
    fazal hussainDay ago

    plz play jail break and adopt meeeeeeeeeee and i bet u will get tired of buying moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Enzo MD 2
    Enzo MD 2Day ago

    Try tds lolol

  • corxxby
    corxxbyDay ago

    Next time play egg farm simulator

  • The sunburnt pringle on the internet
    The sunburnt pringle on the internetDay ago

    The new flamingo

  • SSSway
    SSSwayDay ago

    ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵃˡˡ ᵐʸ ᵛⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ 💛

  • Gaming with Caden
    Gaming with CadenDay ago

    “It is that time to bully children” alright time to oof

  • PriceyPugg The 3rd
    PriceyPugg The 3rdDay ago

    To Be Honest Roblox and fortnite suck bruhhhhhhh

  • Tom
    Tom2 days ago

    Number one victory royal

  • Darrel
    Darrel2 days ago

    Challenge: buy all gamepass in your bizzare advanture becouse Uza the creator is ADDICTED TO SELL GAMEPASS. Yes so u will do nd 5k+

  • Darrel


    2 days ago

    5k+ robuc

  • Franco British Union
    Franco British Union2 days ago

    Play pet simulator 2, they have more robux game passes

  • Franco British Union

    Franco British Union

    2 days ago

    They also have a leaderboard I think

  • Abeelthepro
    Abeelthepro2 days ago

    Why did u bully me in floor is lava

  • Kira yoshikage
    Kira yoshikage2 days ago

    Yba yes

  • Faded_DarkDiviner
    Faded_DarkDiviner2 days ago

    Developers: let’s make him give us money! *uploads 2928272828 games*

  • BrennanPro
    BrennanPro2 days ago


  • Roelmis Penalo
    Roelmis Penalo2 days ago

    u have not seen Dinosaur World Mobile its so pay to win

  • Let's go
    Let's go2 days ago


  • Let's go

    Let's go

    2 days ago


  • Slawomir Szymczyk
    Slawomir Szymczyk2 days ago

    "You can fart with your jumps"

  • Kourosh gali
    Kourosh gali3 days ago

    Let me join the dream beam team otherwise I’ll outpay you the only skin I use in fortnite is your skin and my mate only uses ur sons skin

  • wiffle waffel
    wiffle waffel3 days ago

    Play your bizarre adventure and pay for stands until you get a skin

  • CelestialBear
    CelestialBear3 days ago


  • CelestialBear
    CelestialBear3 days ago

    I exploit

  • CelestialBear
    CelestialBear3 days ago

    Kcoc ym kcus

  • Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago
    Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago3 days ago

    forgot zombie rush

  • Paula Murray Koren - Clarkson SS (2302)
    Paula Murray Koren - Clarkson SS (2302)3 days ago

    Play bone breaking simulatur

  • ben fairlamb
    ben fairlamb3 days ago

    U are buff as fuck

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown3 days ago

    2:24 you mean 6 and 66 cent smh not 6 and six cents

  • HuskyM
    HuskyM3 days ago

    idea for pay to win: go to a game called ninja legends, buy all the game passes and the most expensive pet pack. ez win

  • Caroline Kloster Videbæk
    Caroline Kloster Videbæk4 days ago

    Me to

  • RST diego
    RST diego4 days ago

    play a anime game "We gonna slap kids" -lazorbean yobaba

  • tby on switch
    tby on switch4 days ago

    Couldn’t agree less that making kids cry is underrated

  • Wyatt Chapman
    Wyatt Chapman4 days ago

    Hey lazar just a bit of advice, so you if you make your own group on roblox and make your own shirt. Doesn’t even matter if you make it good, I bet you will at least get 100k finds in that group in a week. Hole this helps, just put the link to the group in the description of each video. Like you would literally not need to spend any more money, also I need 50% of the robux you make (work buisness) also (Jk). But seriously do this.

  • Five nights At Freddie
    Five nights At Freddie4 days ago

    Why don’t go to sleep

  • ItsZekom /\/\/\
    ItsZekom /\/\/\4 days ago

    i actually bought the overkill hand in that slap battle roblox game. was it fun? yep, i made kids cry. but was it a waste of my allowance? very much so. but do i care? well... kinda

  • The trolls evolution studios
    The trolls evolution studios4 days ago

    Play thick ledgends

  • PewPewTor01
    PewPewTor014 days ago


  • Marsha Grahek
    Marsha Grahek4 days ago

    Laden You wanna Know A Roblox pay to win Kat Buy The spam knife and put on a auto clicker and those little bitches run home🎮🤣

  • Adam Malas
    Adam Malas4 days ago

    fun fact: if ur INSANLY FAMOUS on youtube the money u earn is probably as much as a CEO

  • RandomUserGaming
    RandomUserGaming4 days ago

    This guy is a.... .. LEGEND

  • Shadowz
    Shadowz5 days ago

    Lazarbeam is a bloooody legend

  • 。うつ病が多すぎる
    。うつ病が多すぎる5 days ago

    Oi he started his period

  • Podunavac Ivan
    Podunavac Ivan5 days ago

    Play bees swarm

  • Thotam
    Thotam5 days ago

    Kids vs a man who has a yeet tattoo

  • Alyce St Quintin
    Alyce St Quintin5 days ago

    Yeet yeet yeet

  • Blackout
    Blackout5 days ago

    3:17 Elon's gonna kill you

  • Blackout
    Blackout5 days ago

    when he's screaming he sounds like Sharlto Copley from elysium

  • Sean Elsen
    Sean Elsen5 days ago

    Play bee swarm syim

  • Sebastian Broy
    Sebastian Broy5 days ago

    Hi USplan, USplan is below me omgg ✨

  • Axavier molter
    Axavier molter5 days ago

    me and my frindy got in ur game lol

  • Nami
    Nami5 days ago

    💥 💥 💥

  • Marvel Thunderzee
    Marvel Thunderzee5 days ago


  • Repcle
    Repcle5 days ago


  • A Dark Tree On A Cliff
    A Dark Tree On A Cliff5 days ago

    What if he uses the Obama hand

  • blir halibas
    blir halibas5 days ago

    defeat mobile legends game 🤣

  • Trenton Bereki
    Trenton Bereki5 days ago

    Play be swarm simulator

  • Nojus Gaed
    Nojus Gaed5 days ago

    play reeplanting trees game

  • HypingSugar
    HypingSugar6 days ago

    3:28 I’ve played that game so many times, it’s so fun

  • Lavela Nyati
    Lavela Nyati6 days ago

    heary freak lanerd

  • Lavela Nyati
    Lavela Nyati6 days ago

    the person who sang the song was danial amos

  • Oliver woe
    Oliver woe6 days ago

    2:15 💀💀💀💀

  • The neighborhood Boys
    The neighborhood Boys6 days ago

    Can't beat bee swarm simulator at least get 10 million honey

  • Funni bd :>
    Funni bd :>6 days ago

    Me waiting for him to play yba and try get a shiny stand skin

  • Brayden Maud
    Brayden Maud6 days ago

    Rip Lazars bank account

  • Ritiekri2
    Ritiekri26 days ago

    on my screen I just see black screen

  • Aussie gaming
    Aussie gaming6 days ago

    play bee swarm simulator next time

  • Scar3023
    Scar30236 days ago

    Yo lannan you should play this Roblox game called legends of speed it would make for a crazy entertaining video

  • Nathon Hernandez
    Nathon Hernandez6 days ago

    Bubble gum simulator has a leaderboard

  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez6 days ago

    The best gate generally bow because comfort unknowingly taste around a questionable dogsled. warm, inconclusive stream

  • MilkCarton


    5 days ago

  • Bob Reasa
    Bob Reasa6 days ago

    What happen to joogie

  • Tim Schwob
    Tim Schwob7 days ago

    do more laserbeam

  • Nocxz Space
    Nocxz Space7 days ago

    Should I sub to lazer

  • 『K I Z U K I 』
    『K I Z U K I 』7 days ago

    Hurting kids seems so fun imma try it (in real life)

  • • JustAustin •
    • JustAustin •7 days ago

    Woah, *slap battles* I'm a child I want to play *slap battles* Sounds like an epic game.

  • Sarvadnya Kulkarni
    Sarvadnya Kulkarni7 days ago

    Any indian here😁😎

  • Nacho gaming
    Nacho gaming7 days ago

    that guy spent 3 months of his life playing farting simulator

  • sadly sadie
    sadly sadie7 days ago

    i dont get the dream joke

  • Ari Plays!
    Ari Plays!7 days ago

    Play Adopt Me, You will meet all toxic kids and they will try flexing.

  • Carter Hooper
    Carter Hooper7 days ago

    Do ro-boxing pls

  • Tactical boi
    Tactical boi7 days ago

    If lazarbeam plays a game that’s not pay to win I wonder what would happen?

  • Ryan Burner
    Ryan Burner7 days ago

    The tangible quotation postprandially steer because transport intringuingly box opposite a tough thailand. clever, loose vietnam

  • Sandia_TYC
    Sandia_TYC7 days ago

    Laser beam using krnl for roblox scripts too bulky children

  • Josephmine 亗
    Josephmine 亗8 days ago


  • Arvi Avel
    Arvi Avel8 days ago

    how to get robux