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Thanks for helping me get to this point in my life :)

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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam4 months ago

    I got my tattoos into fortnite mission fucking accomplished

  • Franklin


    4 hours ago

    Use code Muselk

  • Zig zag

    Zig zag

    Day ago


  • Atomic Dude

    Atomic Dude

    20 days ago


  • Sebastian LF

    Sebastian LF

    25 days ago

    @Kontrolla Player WHAT THE HELL THIS IS THE 3rd OF JULY 2021

  • DJ Diamond Games

    DJ Diamond Games

    25 days ago

    @Kontrolla Player are you magic

  • CharliePubgTheGamer
    CharliePubgTheGamerHour ago

    lazar: Boss can I crank? Boss: uh what is cranking! Lazar: WE LIKE FORTNITE

  • Eduardo Mendez
    Eduardo Mendez10 hours ago


  • One pump man
    One pump man14 hours ago


  • Noah Pointer
    Noah Pointer17 hours ago

    Along time later and well still congratulations lannan you definitely deserve it because of the amount of hour you have put into this game and just think you have your own skin and loads millions of other fortnite players don't so don't take if for granted if you get one

  • Rami624
    Rami62417 hours ago

    Lazarbeam's mom:come and do your chores Lazarbeam:LEAVE ME ALONE,IM ON FORTNITE other family members:ITS THE GUY FROM FORTNITE!!

  • Stephanie Good
    Stephanie Good22 hours ago

    Ninja: Freaks out Loserfruit: Happy Lachy: Cries GrefG: Laughs LazarBeam: ITS A BIG MOMENT TANNAR

  • YOSOY olivia YT
    YOSOY olivia YTDay ago

    Code LAZAR in the store of roblox and fortnite

  • Kohen Wainwright
    Kohen Wainwright2 days ago

    Ninja: freaks out Poki: happy Lachy: crys of happiness Lazar: there is another

  • Adelin


    Day ago

    I think you meant loserfruit

  • Rebecca Lancaster
    Rebecca Lancaster2 days ago

    I want it so bad

  • Ehaan Faisal
    Ehaan Faisal2 days ago

    USplan recommending me when the skin is back in the item shop

  • The Doom Slayer-Immortal
    The Doom Slayer-Immortal2 days ago

    What will happen to Gingey?

  • PickleChip Gaming
    PickleChip Gaming2 days ago

    I bought ur skin and I used code lazar! Plz shout out me

  • Oscar Davis
    Oscar Davis2 days ago

    what’s meg doing here

  • Tommy Quinn
    Tommy Quinn3 days ago


  • xd Hazari9
    xd Hazari93 days ago

    Congratulations Lannan

  • 這Zxnezxfyㄓ
    這Zxnezxfyㄓ5 days ago

    0:09dang he really do him like that

  • Steven Hall
    Steven Hall6 days ago

    I bought your whole set using code lazar

  • SML R
    SML R7 days ago

    Not being a hater but it look kinda... idk... basic

  • luis solorio
    luis solorio7 days ago

    Best skin in the game

  • obi wan
    obi wan7 days ago

    Bought it from the 1st day

  • x2Chair
    x2Chair8 days ago

    Lachys picture like poggies

  • shinobu kocho
    shinobu kocho8 days ago


  • X2Mantux
    X2Mantux8 days ago

    They did 2 A’s

  • xdMasterGamer
    xdMasterGamer9 days ago

    when it comin back

  • Chipster
    Chipster11 days ago

    Lmao imagine playing fortnite

  • Rosario Pollina
    Rosario Pollina11 days ago

    It’s the guy from fortnite

  • Sartaj Singh Virdi
    Sartaj Singh Virdi13 days ago

    Now I'm waiting for Lazar's Chug Jug song in Fortnite

    MOHAMMAD AMJAD13 days ago

    Rip gingy skin

  • Expert Yeet
    Expert Yeet15 days ago

    I hope it comes back

  • Expert Yeet

    Expert Yeet

    2 days ago

    I want it to return cuz lazarbeam is the reason I played fortnite

  • Trey The Legendary Gamer

    Trey The Legendary Gamer

    6 days ago

    @Awesum Ninja No they weren’t I literally saw what items got updated and there was no lazarbeam or any other icons beside Bugha

  • Awesum Ninja

    Awesum Ninja

    7 days ago

    @Trey The Legendary Gamer the Icons were updated yesterday so he will be returning

  • Trey The Legendary Gamer

    Trey The Legendary Gamer

    15 days ago

    Lazarbeam got sued an hour ago

  • Bluehairedsheep
    Bluehairedsheep15 days ago


  • David Allen
    David Allen16 days ago

    To think it’s been 4 months

  • ChaosCra2y
    ChaosCra2y18 days ago

    0:50 Oh my god it’s the one we don’t talk about!

  • Elijah Nisbet
    Elijah Nisbet18 days ago

    sick! 🤑

  • Elijah Nisbet
    Elijah Nisbet18 days ago


  • JCSniper2010
    JCSniper201018 days ago

    LazarBeam Ain't Care A Shit About A Spider On Tannar's Leg

  • Rover
    Rover19 days ago


  • moldy Cheese806
    moldy Cheese80620 days ago

    Is ThAt ThE gUy FrOm FoRnIgHt

  • The Dark Superior
    The Dark Superior23 days ago

    “Hey, iT’s tHe gUy fRoM fOrTnItE” -Kids from Fortnite

  • Max browne
    Max browne23 days ago

    That emote is so good and so stupid

  • Linsey Linsey
    Linsey Linsey24 days ago

    The handy consonant disturbingly watch because divorced computationally drum above a tiresome wednesday. intelligent, new manager

  • GalacticEgg
    GalacticEgg24 days ago

    Sheesh he needs some milk

  • NoodlePi
    NoodlePi24 days ago

    Good for u mate, been watching you for a number of years now! And FYI Gingy is mine now boy, gingy has changed side!

  • Snowgy
    Snowgy25 days ago


  • Derek’s fun game Vlogs
    Derek’s fun game Vlogs25 days ago

    I was just born that day

  • J&K Newb
    J&K Newb26 days ago

    Had I just seen this skin without watching I wouldn't think it was a LazerBeam doesn't really make sense. He's always wearing a hoodie and earmuffs.

  • dog boi
    dog boi26 days ago

    Look it's the guy from fortnite

  • Joseph Holthus
    Joseph Holthus27 days ago

    March 4 was my mother’s sister’s wedding😅

  • Matricx LUMINEUX
    Matricx LUMINEUX27 days ago

    Use code LAZAR

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D28 days ago

    I miss dum shit science

  • hppy bird
    hppy bird29 days ago

    Uhm- my birthday is march 4th..

  • Cade Playz
    Cade PlayzMonth ago

    Am I the only one who hears mcreamy singing the smoke song

  • Mau Ramirez
    Mau RamirezMonth ago

    Code lazar

  • Herobrien
    HerobrienMonth ago

    I won the cup i loved the yeet pistols and when I found a chug jug I sang heres to Lazar beam his true blue his a pisspot through and through his a bastard so they say he ment to go to heaven but he went the other way he went down down sip sip sip what are we thinking lazarbeam his alright!!🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Dan Kennedy
    Dan KennedyMonth ago

    The skinny chive proximately shrug because way methodologically return following a next tomato. crabby, unaccountable museum

  • CriplingRage
    CriplingRageMonth ago

    Remember when this was being premiered and number one trending

  • 😀👈
    😀👈Month ago


  • Dom Cruise

    Dom Cruise

    Month ago

    👉😀👈 Let'sss gooo

  • I R O N M A N
    I R O N M A NMonth ago


  • Gaming Child
    Gaming ChildMonth ago


    SHADOW GAMERMonth ago

    My fav USplanr n I don’t have vubcks to buy it :(

  • Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano
    Brayan Miguel Perez LiquidanoMonth ago

    The standing yew additonally trot because blood interstingly share next a lumpy discussion. stale, macabre accordion

  • XEn Meca
    XEn MecaMonth ago

    There should’ve been 2 emotes, one meet pie and one bunnings sausage only usable on Saturday

  • Adam Iskandar
    Adam IskandarMonth ago

    its cool that lazarbeams idea of his own skin was to tell about where he came from. a construction worker. n they made his skin exactly how he looked like growing up.

  • The_Delta5
    The_Delta5Month ago

    YES I NEED THIS! But…One problem Im free to play

  • Aerosith _YT MCCARTHY
    Aerosith _YT MCCARTHYMonth ago

    Eeeee very excited

  • #1 Piper_Rockelle Fan
    #1 Piper_Rockelle FanMonth ago

    You and your bro look the same ☺️

  • Nicholas Strickland
    Nicholas StricklandMonth ago

    Lachy tho 0:09 lol

  • Stormtrooper Jeff
    Stormtrooper JeffMonth ago

    Omg guys no joke March the 4th is my birthday

  • enderman creeper
    enderman creeperMonth ago

    1:14 skin reveal

  • Camille Knight
    Camille KnightMonth ago

    March the 4th? That’s my brother Jerry’s birthday on!!

  • Nightblade
    NightbladeMonth ago

    I'll never forget this day lol congrats lazarbeam

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is meMonth ago

    The chats start playing

  • RNG tomato
    RNG tomatoMonth ago

    so I just came back to comment on this video because of the song when he reveals his skin the song is called smoko and I've basically listened to it every day since and it's by a band called the chats go check em out

  • Matthew Vincent
    Matthew VincentMonth ago

    I love it but I'll miss the gingerbread days

  • CVSfugitive
    CVSfugitiveMonth ago

    I just realized that Lannans skin is the 5th icon skin added Lannan: I want 5 of them

  • Juan fermin Saucedo
    Juan fermin SaucedoMonth ago

    Is a shit

  • Juan Alejandro

    Juan Alejandro

    Month ago

    It is the worst skin of the judge

  • CaChA Ha
    CaChA HaMonth ago

    The skin came out on my birthday (5 march) epic!!

  • Brady Hughes
    Brady HughesMonth ago

    lazar deserved a skin this is meant to be

  • Josh Haddix Vlogs
    Josh Haddix VlogsMonth ago

    You were my first icon skin and I bought right away

  • RNG tomato

    RNG tomato

    Month ago

    me too

  • hehe
    hehe2 months ago

    Lannan thanks making it from where u first came from😀😊

  • f*ck fidget toys
    f*ck fidget toys2 months ago

    Best skin ever!!!

  • bendy pit

    bendy pit

    2 months ago


  • BroodierJarl978
    BroodierJarl9782 months ago

    Re humilde el man 🥵🤑

  • Apache Gaming
    Apache Gaming2 months ago

    Lazarbeam: reveals his skin Tannar: there's A SPIDER ON MY LEG

  • SylvanCat
    SylvanCat2 months ago

    I'm being honest the first time I click on this video I thought it was clickbait and he was just trolling us

  • I R O N M A N
    I R O N M A N2 months ago


  • Tripp Petry
    Tripp Petry2 months ago

    Sorry I missed out on it!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😪

  • RNG tomato

    RNG tomato

    Month ago

    don't worry it will come back use code lazar btw

  • Bear bear cameron 124

    Bear bear cameron 124

    2 months ago

    To bad

  • Plasma
    Plasma2 months ago

    Lannan: this is my brother calun Me: HEEEEY EEEH EEEH EEEEEEEEH

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar2 months ago

    " I was a concreator, now I'm a content creator with a fortnite skin" -An abstract of this video

  • LEVI 69
    LEVI 692 months ago

    RIP Gingi

  • Agha Gamer
    Agha Gamer2 months ago

    Lachy with 14m subs : gets a skin Lazar with 18m subs :gets a skin Ali A eith 17m subs be like : *alone*

  • XD Justin cracked at GTA
    XD Justin cracked at GTA2 months ago

    Everyone else :😭 this means so much Lazarbeam: ima bring Bob the builder in fortnite

  • slyze
    slyze2 months ago


  • KillerPotatoZ
    KillerPotatoZ2 months ago

    Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful USplanr! Hope you have a good day. :3

  • David Clapper
    David Clapper2 months ago

    The og Lannan, we don’t need an intro that was the good old days

  • Shankar Swaminathan
    Shankar Swaminathan2 months ago

    yo my comment got deleted da frik

  • ARMS Can
    ARMS Can2 months ago

    I thought first of all he was click baiting when I saw it I had to buy it

  • Kguy the epic gamer
    Kguy the epic gamer2 months ago

    Lachy getting a skin: cries* sniff* sniff* Lazarbeam gets a skin: brags that he was better then his brother 6 years ago and yells at animals Use code lazar No hate to lachy.

    LOPEZzZ2 months ago


  • NakaPumPers
    NakaPumPers2 months ago

    Please release again your skin on the Fortnite Item Shop. I want to buy it.

  • squish.
    squish.2 months ago