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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam6 months ago

    this game is actually really fun but normal videos should be starting soon... not been my best mental months :)

  • R3D SH4DOW

    R3D SH4DOW

    17 days ago

    I got spellbreak today, ive played 3 matches, and won 2 of them😂

  • Callan Alaric

    Callan Alaric

    Month ago

    @Jonah Princeton Yea, I have been using Instaflixxer for months myself =)

  • Jonah Princeton

    Jonah Princeton

    Month ago

    you prolly dont care but if you guys are bored like me during the covid times you can watch pretty much all the new series on InstaFlixxer. Have been binge watching with my girlfriend lately xD

  • Monish Thalapaneni

    Monish Thalapaneni

    3 months ago

    @jak :] he probably won’t but if he does, it’ll be during the caves and cliffs update

  • SupMyG


    3 months ago

    Lazarbeam don't worry I'm 10 I got bulled for 5 years It got so bad we had to move house Don't read the hate comments your a good man member the scuffed santa you spent 100000 Ausi dollars to charity I'm Irish I love your content I would watch it all day I get bulled a lot and I am autistic so it makes it harder to communicate and make friends I'll stop this comment by saying I Love your content

  • Sheldon Decker
    Sheldon Decker2 days ago

    I suck at this game

  • Mr. Noodlemin
    Mr. Noodlemin2 days ago

    This makes me want to reinstall Spellbreak

  • Creeper Nation
    Creeper Nation6 days ago

    Find it funny that the first agne I played I won lol

  • Karen Wicks
    Karen Wicks7 days ago

    Attempt 100qua

  • Karen Wicks
    Karen Wicks7 days ago

    Someone make a game so lazarbeam takes a year to win it XD

  • Jamie Owen
    Jamie Owen9 days ago

    I prefer frostborn

  • Flake
    Flake10 days ago

    man i won my first game on spellbreak

  • Nedin Adzic
    Nedin Adzic13 days ago

    Your power is weeker: :dies 5 sec later

  • luke newman
    luke newman14 days ago

    I play this all the time and I just get put up against bots

  • Jonathan Headley
    Jonathan Headley14 days ago


  • Brycen Palczewski
    Brycen Palczewski17 days ago

    Is it just me or dose the map look exactly like one of the older Fortnite maps

  • ChaosCra2y
    ChaosCra2y18 days ago

    Wind is the best

  • MG_primo
    MG_primo19 days ago

    Spell break is so easy lmao

  • Fortnite memes
    Fortnite memes23 days ago

    I used to play spell break

  • todoroki the gamer
    todoroki the gamer24 days ago

    MMy first game I killed myself the other 4 i won

  • _iCzY_
    _iCzY_25 days ago

    Just bought the lazarbeam phone case it’s amazing thanks lazar 👍

  • Ashton Meck
    Ashton Meck25 days ago

    First game I played I got 2 place and 5 kills

  • RatTheReal
    RatTheReal27 days ago

    Lannan: yOuR pOwEr SuCkS cOmPaReD tO mInE Also lannan: im about to die

  • Christopher Vargas
    Christopher VargasMonth ago

    my first game i won 😐

  • GD Yolo World
    GD Yolo WorldMonth ago

    I love how this game was popular on USplan for like one day lol

  • Jake Alexander
    Jake AlexanderMonth ago

    For people still commenting "I won my first game", first game is against bots lol

  • DXFNaruto
    DXFNarutoMonth ago

    i got a win my first game

  • Michael Marlingjr
    Michael MarlingjrMonth ago

    Me: use wind bro

  • Jedd
    JeddMonth ago

    I just started this game my first win was in my first play time

  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner SmithMonth ago

    how come he never used croc cast? he’s rank 10 Australian he should be able to use it

  • OliNotOliver
    OliNotOliverMonth ago

    I enjoy lazarbeam but this video goes out there with the least iconic videos he has ever uploaded

  • YTSitAB918
    YTSitAB918Month ago

    Your a wizard Lannan

  • Trixie 2wd
    Trixie 2wdMonth ago

    Playing on controller is much easier

  • JJB
    JJBMonth ago

    The lightning gauntlet is shit. Fresh lied to him

  • Baked potato
    Baked potatoMonth ago

    This feels like the wizard game from meta runner

  • Local Dev
    Local DevMonth ago

    I won my first win when I started playing.

  • Areej Hussain
    Areej HussainMonth ago

    Me who got a win in my first game ITS A CONTROLER PLAYERRR

  • Cole Romero
    Cole RomeroMonth ago

    Lannan: says he does every battle royale that comes out Me: ok, so where’s warzone

  • King Maze
    King MazeMonth ago

    what is the game called

  • Alam Yang
    Alam YangMonth ago

    I thought it was old fortnite for a second

  • CosmicFlamingo
    CosmicFlamingoMonth ago

    Your killing sims video has more views

  • Sfxy gecko
    Sfxy geckoMonth ago

    It took him hours to get a win and I get a win first try

  • Tyler Hayes
    Tyler HayesMonth ago

  • Pig At Gun Point
    Pig At Gun PointMonth ago

    0:48 Song name?

  • Drugs Bunny

    Drugs Bunny

    Month ago

    Last March Of Heroes

  • Carter for president
    Carter for presidentMonth ago

    Why did he not use the ice gauntlet it’s the best

  • Brenda Pyle
    Brenda PyleMonth ago

    lazarbeam can you help me with a win:)

  • Justin Robards
    Justin RobardsMonth ago


  • Justin Robards
    Justin RobardsMonth ago


  • Ohga Bohga
    Ohga BohgaMonth ago

    Isn’t this the game they used in meta runner?

  • cod god
    cod godMonth ago


  • Jackson Ballard
    Jackson BallardMonth ago

    Jesus is coming back soon;)

  • Krazydoomdude 3
    Krazydoomdude 3Month ago

    I like how I thought this game was hard but when I tried earlier I won first game

  • Bruhh
    Bruhh2 months ago

    could have metioned that its free tho

  • landon scherer
    landon scherer2 months ago

    I got my fist win my first game

  • Riley Nixon
    Riley Nixon2 months ago

    BTW electric kinda sucks

  • Jyquai
    Jyquai2 months ago

    His character kinda looks like Hawk-eye Mihawk

  • Theunkownone
    Theunkownone2 months ago

    has he won mincraft survival games?

  • Gm TacoDoggMSD
    Gm TacoDoggMSD2 months ago

    1:26 Raiden Lazarbeam!?!

  • ToastyVR
    ToastyVR2 months ago

    This is late but I won on my first match

  • rdbrown1988
    rdbrown19882 months ago

    me first win letss goo lazarbeam f harry potter letssssss goooooooo dude me what dose harry potter have to do with anything

  • MFR Playz
    MFR Playz2 months ago

    fire is the best

  • GamingWithJordan
    GamingWithJordan2 months ago

    dude now lazerbeam can lazerbeam people with magic

  • Tisha Gallop
    Tisha Gallop2 months ago

    I won my first game when I played this

  • jae uzui
    jae uzui2 months ago

    "I have fallen to ninjanut" Lazarbeam 2021

  • jae uzui

    jae uzui

    2 months ago


  • Jedi
    Jedi2 months ago

    Plot twist: they’re all bots

  • venomous-obliterator
    venomous-obliterator2 months ago

    I won my first game with 6 kills

  • Michael
    Michael2 months ago

    merge the flame one and the toxic one together it op as hell

  • Giovanni Martinez
    Giovanni Martinez2 months ago

    I have fallen to ninja nut 1:49

  • S3b4
    S3b42 months ago

    I won my first ever match

  • Helios
    Helios2 months ago

    I think he could actually beat Harry Potter

  • GD karma
    GD karma2 months ago

    LITTERALY everysingle player who got a win first game: 😐

  • EarlierTitan19
    EarlierTitan192 months ago

    Mmmmm meta runner game irl

  • H1ghSt1nger
    H1ghSt1nger2 months ago

    "I have died to Ninjanut"

    GRUNCH2 months ago

    Oooooo my god i cant bleave it

    GRUNCH2 months ago

    I am in lazarbeams vid

    GRUNCH2 months ago

    Oooooo my goddd

  • SuperNaturalシ
    SuperNaturalシ2 months ago

    Here’s a tip for y’all to sub to meh, so If u have uptime to on Xbox go to Xbox game pass app on your console then go to perks and new spell brake season pass free. Pls auto me

  • philip fan
    philip fan2 months ago

    Spellbreak ain't new i love this game

  • X__Jayden__YT
    X__Jayden__YT2 months ago


  • Logamez
    Logamez2 months ago

    I remember getting this game 3 hours after release on console and getting like 20 wins because it was filmed with bots

  • Fortnite_ Gamer_1
    Fortnite_ Gamer_12 months ago

    This game is actually good

  • Trajectory 13
    Trajectory 132 months ago

    I got my first win on my first game 😂

  • Bigdaftjamie
    Bigdaftjamie2 months ago

    It is kind of funny because I got my first win in my first game.

  • mitchell grant
    mitchell grant2 months ago

    i wish this game was on mobile

  • Not steve
    Not steve2 months ago

    Me getting 15 exiles be like

  • Teagan Garcia
    Teagan Garcia2 months ago

    Ice is the best

  • Little Aleks's Adventures
    Little Aleks's Adventures2 months ago

    The first ever match I played of this game was a win for me

  • Deti the Yeti
    Deti the Yeti2 months ago

    Fresh is wrong Fire is the best

  • wolf gamerr
    wolf gamerr2 months ago

    play apex

  • fortnite God 999
    fortnite God 9992 months ago

    Lazarbeam look at 5.28 you exiled a ttv

    ISAK GRAMMER2 months ago

    I got my first wwwwwwwiiinnnnnnnnnn

  • Max Well
    Max Well2 months ago

    Did you no that when you use rock when you smash the ground It gives you armour that's why I like rock

  • Chase
    Chase3 months ago

    We need more

  • Golden Emperor
    Golden Emperor3 months ago

    LaserBeam: "I make voldimort look like a hamster" Me: YES

  • Ian Bowling
    Ian Bowling3 months ago

    LazarBeam-2021 "I make Voldemort look like a hamster

  • Jeffy Nelmes
    Jeffy Nelmes3 months ago

    Add me

  • Some Noob
    Some Noob3 months ago

    my first day on spellbreak i got a win it was pretty easy ngl

  • Jordan Sopala
    Jordan Sopala3 months ago

    Just saying that flight rune is the best

  • Kermit the hermit
    Kermit the hermit3 months ago

    But what about warzone

  • William Brightman
    William Brightman3 months ago

    It’s a rip off of fortnight

  • Mhelai Verutiao
    Mhelai Verutiao3 months ago

    Fuck i thought he's gonna play somethin

  • Mhelai Verutiao
    Mhelai Verutiao3 months ago

    Codm is fun in br and what is that first game that he played?

  • Wilnaldo 7
    Wilnaldo 73 months ago


  • Mason Andrews
    Mason Andrews3 months ago

    lannan:first match: i am using lighting! Me: first match eh then why is the frost gaunlet level 2 STRAIGHT AWAY!? lannan:... dont mind me