lazarbeam skin is BROKEN

the lazarbeam skin has a few bugs...


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  • PrincessSlush
    PrincessSlush4 hours ago

    alternate title lazarbeam just bullying children

  • Colin Kennedyvevo
    Colin Kennedyvevo10 hours ago

    I’m watching lazarbeam right now and it’s 2 am lazarbeam is truly my favorite USplanr

  • last breath sans
    last breath sans13 hours ago

    Meh friends tried a meme in bugha late game

  • Colton’s ARMY time
    Colton’s ARMY time14 hours ago

    The lazerbeam u killed in the beginning was me

  • corbin wyant
    corbin wyant18 hours ago

    its funny its been 4 months but it feels like a few weeks

  • Mrbeam
    MrbeamDay ago

    I have your skin

  • Deona Laramore
    Deona LaramoreDay ago

    Lazar I used your code

  • Beau Goodall
    Beau Goodall2 days ago

    Oi lazar I go to yur high school do yu want me to tell any teachers or do anything at school for ya aha

  • ItsMatthew0. Yeet
    ItsMatthew0. Yeet2 days ago

    His natural instinct was to kill the instinct in an instant

  • Shark Boy55
    Shark Boy553 days ago

    Alternative title: Lazarbeam with a chair

  • Chrisza Domingo
    Chrisza Domingo4 days ago

    lazer beam just sitting in his chair while hes watching fresh kill people

  • Baconlazer
    Baconlazer5 days ago

    I use

  • Baconlazer
    Baconlazer5 days ago

    code Lazar

  • Ξŋoτɪɕɛ ϻɜ səŋpaɪΞ
    Ξŋoτɪɕɛ ϻɜ səŋpaɪΞ6 days ago

    Thenway smile like a

  • Hayden Phillips
    Hayden Phillips6 days ago

    ✨iT’s ThE gUy fFrOm FoRtNiTe✨

  • prabir singh sidhu
    prabir singh sidhu7 days ago

    Who else remember the gingy skin

    WILL_THE_MEME_GOD7 days ago

    Every Fresh Has A Lazerbeam

  • Bakugo, Katski
    Bakugo, Katski8 days ago


  • gorilla tag master
    gorilla tag master8 days ago

    right when the skin cam out I buyed it

  • Fjcooldude
    Fjcooldude8 days ago

    Australian song

  • mariah lindsay
    mariah lindsay9 days ago

    Can you do try not to laugh challenge

  • Bean
    Bean9 days ago


  • AJPfiregaming
    AJPfiregaming11 days ago

    Lazarbeam can you please bring back your skin to the item shop

  • Sachopians
    Sachopians11 days ago

    Freashs aim = AIMBOT

  • Oratile Mosetlhi
    Oratile Mosetlhi12 days ago

    i mean VALORANT

  • Oratile Mosetlhi
    Oratile Mosetlhi12 days ago

    next time play a game called vallorant

    PIZZABOI13 days ago

    I pLaY fOrTnItE aNd I hAvE gOoD aIm



    13 days ago

    This is true

  • Rebecca Hutton
    Rebecca Hutton13 days ago

    i got your skin and i used code lazar

  • Cooper The ranch boy
    Cooper The ranch boy14 days ago

    Play modern ops

  • sophie duburre
    sophie duburre14 days ago

    You are my favourite USplanr

  • Squid Pie
    Squid Pie14 days ago

    I Had A Seizure Seeing The Thumbnail lol

  • Sophia Cabrera
    Sophia Cabrera14 days ago

    If u forgot where the part fresh said ‘ leave my lannan alone ! ‘ it’s on 5:14

  • Freshbooi boi but with an extra o
    Freshbooi boi but with an extra o14 days ago

    A new cult has been created lazar beam cult news if you kill the leader you shall die a very painful death

  • Brew YT33
    Brew YT3315 days ago

    I’m a 3 year fortnight mobile veteran

  • Brew YT33
    Brew YT3315 days ago


  • Jacton Tractor
    Jacton Tractor15 days ago

    I’m lazarbeam spinning in a chair and your watching Disney channel

  • Lewis memes
    Lewis memes15 days ago

    Can you please add me

  • Pedri Coetzee
    Pedri Coetzee15 days ago

    I love the chug cug song (×_×)

  • preston toll
    preston toll17 days ago

    rip gingy 2018-2021 we will all miss him he was a legend he will be missed 1 like=1 prayer

    FRËÃKSHØW17 days ago

    “There’s two ways to play fortnight” -Lazarbeam 2021

  • tramp tricks
    tramp tricks18 days ago

    Is your name can you tell epic games to add back cancel cancel for nighttime back your skin on loved it

  • Tyler Trujillo
    Tyler Trujillo18 days ago

    Pleasant park, the official sponsor of this video

  • Jack Clementson
    Jack Clementson19 days ago

    Weeee is all laser beam says

  • Spazo420volt
    Spazo420volt19 days ago

    Imagine having your internet down the entire time your skin was out... couldn’t be me 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dumb Commenter Police

    Dumb Commenter Police

    19 days ago

    Oh. Sorry bro...

  • cat
    cat20 days ago

    i feel lazar has the best icon skin because its the most real its not a girl with sleeves that are somehow changing all the time or a blond person who somehow it lighting up with electricity but its just lazar

  • TeaBunny 06
    TeaBunny 0620 days ago

    i wonder if epic will add a slender gingerbread skin after that third meme (very unlikely )

  • Eesa Lemenky
    Eesa Lemenky21 day ago

    Ahaha 🤣 no way I was the laser beam skin what killed you

  • Andrew Kavwenje
    Andrew Kavwenje21 day ago

    The only reason no one saw him on the reboot van was because he is true blue please don’t heart this comment or pin it

  • Spread On Toast
    Spread On Toast22 days ago

    8:02 There is an imposter among us

  • todoroki the gamer
    todoroki the gamer22 days ago

    Wait fresh said 'm y lannan'... 🤨🤨🤨

  • adam pike
    adam pike23 days ago

    Lazarbeam is the best USplan I hope he reaches 19M

  • Nicole Beer
    Nicole Beer23 days ago

    Aussie legined

  • TheHalfSaiyajin
    TheHalfSaiyajin23 days ago

    Fresh: “Leave my Lannan alone” That sounded so wholesome

  • todoroki the gamer

    todoroki the gamer

    8 days ago

    @Liam Vaillancourt thats what i was saying buut thanks for clearing it up

  • Liam Vaillancourt

    Liam Vaillancourt

    8 days ago

    and gay 😏

  • todoroki the gamer

    todoroki the gamer

    22 days ago

    But he said my lannan

  • Bekc Games harder
    Bekc Games harder23 days ago

    Memes here to lazarbeam yet frodo

  • Bekc Games harder

    Bekc Games harder

    23 days ago

    I meant yeet

  • F34R cobra
    F34R cobra24 days ago

    Hey u look like that skin from Fortnite

  • Praise h.
    Praise h.24 days ago

    wait is the skin from when he used to do dumb shit with construction tools and whatnot

  • Stephen Adby SA
    Stephen Adby SA24 days ago

    do more vlogs

  • Shadow ;-;
    Shadow ;-;24 days ago

    Code lazar

  • pink splash
    pink splash25 days ago

    U can actually do this in Hawaii 3:00 sit in the back of a truck In a chair that is

  • Ninja Dragon
    Ninja Dragon25 days ago


  • Jaime Renteria
    Jaime Renteria26 days ago

    Use code Lazar

  • CanadianBeaver
    CanadianBeaver27 days ago

    The anthem 🇦🇺

    CASH DIERKING27 days ago


  • Mystical Artist
    Mystical Artist28 days ago

    Leave my Lanon alone

  • Ted101lol
    Ted101lol28 days ago

    That gingy is creepy as hell dude

  • everett mart
    everett mart28 days ago

    On number 3 he obtains a stand

  • everett mart

    everett mart

    28 days ago


  • everett mart

    everett mart

    28 days ago


  • everett mart

    everett mart

    28 days ago


  • Tracy Miller
    Tracy Miller28 days ago


  • Tracy Miller
    Tracy Miller28 days ago

    Sub to afx pro

  • Elliott Cook
    Elliott Cook28 days ago

    I Badgers razor beam I bought your skin on fortnight

  • Epic gamerboy
    Epic gamerboy28 days ago

    Lazerbeam has a nice mustache

  • hyena bricks
    hyena bricks29 days ago

    I was going to buy the skin but I'm broke

  • Patrick Lalwor
    Patrick Lalwor29 days ago


  • Jared Marroquin
    Jared Marroquin29 days ago

    I made some smokeos

  • Alexcooldudepro
    AlexcooldudeproMonth ago

    lazar you should host a only lazarbeam scrims in fortnite

  • Chargerk
    ChargerkMonth ago

    4:05 "Let's race to that bush!" You can't. It has ligma.

  • Theanimegamer
    TheanimegamerMonth ago

    If u were spinning the "WHOLE ROUND" then how do u have shield

  • “Titanus Gojira”
    “Titanus Gojira”Month ago

    I never played fortnite in a whole year but In happy they added a New shot gun

  • MarioMillionPlays
    MarioMillionPlaysMonth ago

    OooOh mY GoD ItS tHE GuY fROM FoRtNItE

  • Just.a.Potato
    Just.a.PotatoMonth ago

    2:58 3:32 4:26 6:03

  • Riley Strube
    Riley StrubeMonth ago

    lazar beam what is your username id like to add you on fortnite

  • Vernetta Sword
    Vernetta SwordMonth ago

    The irritating raincoat july flap because hood repressingly reach by a big hemp. faint fair, gorgeous cushion

  • Charlie the gecko
    Charlie the geckoMonth ago

    This is so fucking cool 😎

  • JooHoneyy Fam
    JooHoneyy FamMonth ago

    Ur officially my favourite I’ve been watching u for 3 years and u still make me laugh to this day😂!.

  • WonderfulSoulOfLight


    5 days ago

    Nice comment

  • mrdoody
    mrdoodyMonth ago

    can i have a skin im tomato2012

  • M Whet
    M WhetMonth ago

    Funniest fortnite streamer I bet everybody that watching him has to crack at least one smile

  • Chauncy Balch
    Chauncy BalchMonth ago

    pls stop saying the f word pls ty

  • Sheldon Decker
    Sheldon DeckerMonth ago

    This video in a nutshell: your greatest enemy is yourself

  • Melody Johns
    Melody JohnsMonth ago

    he was craked this video

  • General Chipmunk
    General ChipmunkMonth ago

    2:58 “you give me copyright baby, give me copyright”

    E-GAY SPORTSMonth ago

    I wish I got the skin

  • Tim Luscombe
    Tim LuscombeMonth ago

    use code lazar

  • Nonstickdrop 945
    Nonstickdrop 945Month ago

    LazarBeam spinning in a chair squared 🤣

  • Jack Fnfn
    Jack FnfnMonth ago

    I liked and subbed :)

  • Jack Fnfn
    Jack FnfnMonth ago

    Lazar beam could you add I’m a HUGE fan and I love your videos my epic: KRG Squinz.

  • Peter Ryan
    Peter RyanMonth ago

    The moldy viola hepatosplenomegaly sack because armadillo lily rejoice notwithstanding a various arrow. unique, overwrought desert

  • domino whit
    domino whitMonth ago

    I'm like lannen my friend is like fresh I all ways just do means why I'm sky basing he is killing the hole game me wearing the laser beam skin and just chilling on the sky base my friend be like sweating his but off

    ALEX UNIZZIMonth ago

    my plyer name is e35g i use cod lazar

  • Gaming Child
    Gaming ChildMonth ago


  • deefarrelly1980
    deefarrelly1980Month ago

    use code lazar the king memer

  • deefarrelly1980
    deefarrelly1980Month ago

    oh hal king memer