i won with SAND

sand is my favourite fortnite update ever

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  • N!ghtriderr116
    N!ghtriderr1162 days ago

    the fact that he is still able to troll people is the best ( i mean surely they would come and know all his trolls and plans at this point)

  • Bacon B boy shorts
    Bacon B boy shorts3 days ago


  • Down Leg
    Down Leg6 days ago

    please make another hand simulator video

  • K S
    K S9 days ago


  • Jimmy Nutron
    Jimmy Nutron9 days ago

    Rare clip of the rice farmers in the vietnam war

  • moo strawberry milk moo
    moo strawberry milk moo12 days ago

    Me being the dumbo driving the car down the hill

  • Dr Rums
    Dr Rums17 days ago

    More Runescape Lazar! for the old blokes !

  • Real Deadpool
    Real Deadpool18 days ago

    Anakin isn't proud of you

  • gauge🚬
    gauge🚬18 days ago


  • Bob Logan
    Bob Logan21 day ago

    He got killed twice by a grey tac lol

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton22 days ago

    Sand was legendary

  • Connor Page
    Connor Page26 days ago

    Oml already 2 seasons since this season

  • Smeap
    SmeapMonth ago

    if you're as dumb as his final opponent, you don't deserve the win

  • Gaming Child
    Gaming ChildMonth ago


  • Daniel Aparicio
    Daniel AparicioMonth ago

    and rick sanches is in the game

  • Daniel Aparicio
    Daniel AparicioMonth ago

    did you know season 7 is alien themed

  • Sadie
    SadieMonth ago

    the ppl that disliked the video don't have good taste in games :D

  • Fun_Cat_Ultra
    Fun_Cat_UltraMonth ago

    2:20 why is that sound like a chicken in vacuum😂😂😂😂

  • The Magnivico
    The MagnivicoMonth ago

    bring Anakin meme pls

  • boyfriend keith
    boyfriend keithMonth ago

    That's the funniest vid ever

  • Endo MUFFINz
    Endo MUFFINzMonth ago

    Lazar beam is the only time I watch fortnite

  • Hinemoa Wilson
    Hinemoa WilsonMonth ago

    Lazerbeam:OK lets get serious also Lazerbeam: proceeds to explain how he is going to hide under sand for the whole game

  • The_bot
    The_botMonth ago

    Lazar beam: Number one victory royal yeah fortnite we about to get down in the sand

  • jot siijl
    jot siijlMonth ago

    i like mussic

  • Daniel629
    Daniel629Month ago

    you said sand 54 times

  • SouthPaw 4
    SouthPaw 42 months ago


  • DC Productions
    DC Productions2 months ago

    Lazar: Won with sand Anakin: Whaaat?

  • Ruby Jones
    Ruby Jones2 months ago

    The lean brush serologically decorate because poet desirably compare out a illegal donna. pink, living second

  • Alex Wildermuth
    Alex Wildermuth2 months ago

    I remember the first time I saw someone sand tunnel I was like, are they hacking?!

  • lucky man
    lucky man2 months ago

    You’re gonna get sand nerfed

  • Mala
    Mala2 months ago


  • Prabhraj Nagra
    Prabhraj Nagra2 months ago


  • Kastiel kastiel
    Kastiel kastiel2 months ago

    Yo that is amazing as soon as I started watching it I saw it

  • Stephen Adby SA
    Stephen Adby SA2 months ago

    darth vader isnt happy

  • HiBub
    HiBub2 months ago

    Season 5 started THAT long ago?!

  • Bhargab Das
    Bhargab Das2 months ago

    That's some SAND content here

  • JephyBoB
    JephyBoB3 months ago

    4:22 somebody’s in sand and sees lazarbeam Whenever that happened to me the other guy would just chill not pop out and try to murder me!

  • Mx. N.
    Mx. N.3 months ago

    Quality content.

  • Alex c
    Alex c3 months ago

    That was so epic that I want to do that to

  • Kenny
    Kenny3 months ago

    I miss the sand

  • Eden Gaines
    Eden Gaines3 months ago

    Hellloo ☹️🌈

  • Eden Gaines
    Eden Gaines3 months ago

    I miss this season when we could be in the sand we had our normal weapons

  • JamieLeigh kettle
    JamieLeigh kettle3 months ago

    This is so epic

  • Stallone Delgadillo
    Stallone Delgadillo3 months ago

    For some reason I have an idea💡

    ROBLOX KING3 months ago

    I was in this vid 1:22 car going down the Mountain

    ROBLOX KING3 months ago

    I was in this vid

  • Steve Chavez
    Steve Chavez3 months ago

    *Darth Vader* I don’t like sand walks over to sand Lazerbeam: kills him eminently Fortnite:You got eliminated by sand Darth Vader:aghhhhhhhhh

  • The Hayden Channel
    The Hayden Channel3 months ago

    Nobody:. .Me: S Á N D

  • T J
    T J3 months ago

    6:39 anyone notice how he crossed the river. When you cross the river, you hop out of the sand automatically. Which means he failed the challenge

  • Christian Cruz
    Christian Cruz3 months ago


  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez3 months ago

    The lazar hidden in the sand

  • Nhlanhla Madikiza
    Nhlanhla Madikiza3 months ago


  • GoldenRobloxman
    GoldenRobloxman3 months ago


  • Themes
    Themes3 months ago

    He’s like let me check if it’s fresh ok it not fresh we all know what he would do if it was fresh all you gotta do to Know is watch his winning a game if FORTNITe without moving

  • Doge
    Doge3 months ago

    R.I.P Sand

  • Kontrolla Player
    Kontrolla Player3 months ago


  • Bonnie The Tattletail
    Bonnie The Tattletail4 months ago


  • Anna Lenz
    Anna Lenz4 months ago

    the way sand makes him so happy makes me even happier

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn4 months ago

    That car was me 😅🤣😂

  • Kthulu
    Kthulu4 months ago

    *The Sanderlorian

  • Sammy sam
    Sammy sam4 months ago

    I love sand ❤️

  • Joe Stoppiello
    Joe Stoppiello4 months ago

    “I don’t like sand” “It’s course rough and irritating” “And it gets everywhere”

  • Wasp Man

    Wasp Man

    Month ago

    “And it always kills me in the sand area in Fortnite”

  • Joe Stoppiello

    Joe Stoppiello

    4 months ago

    What did you expect he loves Star wars

  • Matthew Loxton
    Matthew Loxton4 months ago

    do you sometimes play games for no reason?

  • Matthew Loxton
    Matthew Loxton4 months ago

    Lazar not Lazer

  • Theo
    Theo4 months ago

    Lazar : your a turd

  • Dylan Mann
    Dylan Mann4 months ago


  • Dragonair Girl
    Dragonair Girl4 months ago

    You can't do stupid s*** if you're not gonna believe in the stupid s***

  • Dragonair Girl
    Dragonair Girl4 months ago

    Nobody suspects The sand

  • Elias Elias
    Elias Elias4 months ago

    sand man meets lazar sand man

  • Doop Da doop
    Doop Da doop4 months ago

    Anakin has felt a great disturbance in the force

  • David Lowe
    David Lowe4 months ago

    Sand power

  • Liam Hanson
    Liam Hanson4 months ago


  • Katie lynn
    Katie lynn4 months ago

    POV: You’re watching when sand is no more

  • Alex Ruud
    Alex Ruud4 months ago


  • iGoNorth :D
    iGoNorth :D4 months ago

    Loved the sand but they removed it:(

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me4 months ago


  • Glitchy Glitches
    Glitchy Glitches4 months ago


  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell4 months ago


  • Ender The Hedgehog
    Ender The Hedgehog4 months ago


  • Nyuam
    Nyuam4 months ago

    Anakin will be mad

  • Brody Brault
    Brody Brault4 months ago

    #1 Sand Royale

    JEETKOSHY GEORGE4 months ago

    It’s cool how he puts his headphones over the hoodie

  • Fortnitelover _gamer
    Fortnitelover _gamer4 months ago

    How do u have that pic axe

  • Tim Žgur
    Tim Žgur4 months ago

    He is basicaly garaa from naruto before the talk no jutsu

  • Tim Žgur

    Tim Žgur

    4 months ago

    I mean he is like killing with sand

  • CRASH-5 Gamer
    CRASH-5 Gamer4 months ago

    Press attack and jump button in same time under sand

  • Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov4 months ago

    Nice helping you...

  • sara j
    sara j4 months ago

    imagine dying from sand lol

  • Aiden Smith
    Aiden Smith4 months ago

    Anyone wondering how he got that pickaxe?

    XD MONKE4 months ago

    Am totally first

  • michaelasworld
    michaelasworld4 months ago

    is lazar anyone else’s comfort streamer/person to go to when they’re feeling ill sick or in general?

  • Josh Bass

    Josh Bass

    15 days ago

    I put on his old medicinal vlogs whenever I’m sitting back and eating and it’s so relaxing

  • Ean


    Month ago


  • Smasher Gaming
    Smasher Gaming4 months ago


  • Vozma
    Vozma4 months ago

    Im from the future u get a icon series skin

  • TheChildrenOfTheMeme
    TheChildrenOfTheMeme4 months ago

    And this my children, is why sand was disabled most of the season.

  • Charlie rex
    Charlie rex4 months ago

    I got my first Win with this

  • trolelel1234
    trolelel12344 months ago

    Due to an issue we have disabled the following item : Sand Tunneling

  • Styli _48
    Styli _484 months ago

    6:37 whats the song

  • Joyce Smith
    Joyce Smith4 months ago

    I got a victory in arena in sand lol

    QUANTUMGAMING4 months ago

    I don't like sand its coarse, rough and irritating and it gets everywhere

  • Kacper Maly
    Kacper Maly4 months ago

    Ohh no anakin

  • Theo Boyd
    Theo Boyd4 months ago