I Spent $8,000 Beating GTA


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  • Liam Cummings
    Liam Cummings16 minutes ago

    Lazarbeam: it’s a brand new account Account lvl 102 I see…..

  • Jen Ryder Sell
    Jen Ryder Sell27 minutes ago

    Is this GTA five or GTA 4

  • Chanzz
    Chanzz2 hours ago

    Lazar:this is a brand new account Also lazars rank:103

  • Nicole Whitton
    Nicole Whitton5 hours ago

    I am a boy Lazarbeam I am so poor

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon6 hours ago

    Lol he spent 8000 on getting 500 mil when I spent 10 dollars and got 1.5 billion

  • James Smith

    James Smith

    Hour ago

    I spent 0 and have a lot more than u 😂 😂

  • Aiden Willson
    Aiden Willson6 hours ago


  • JD Channel
    JD Channel7 hours ago

    Why no one is seeig his mouse lol

  • cheesecake
    cheesecake7 hours ago

    He bought the flying bullshit machine

  • Ze Wei
    Ze Wei8 hours ago

    but u made the money back just from the ad revenue on this video

  • flaggstanga
    flaggstanga8 hours ago

    you still made around 28k on this video so you all good


    lazar: u can buy a 6M$ penthouse screen:90$+

    SPIKE DRIFT TOBORX9 hours ago


  • Ethan Slayton
    Ethan Slayton10 hours ago

    You still need the stone hatchet the most op melee weapon

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers11 hours ago

    Paying for a facility? Sad

  • Cinnamon Romero
    Cinnamon Romero11 hours ago


  • fortnite snipes
    fortnite snipes13 hours ago

    i just relized is cursor is the middle finger

  • Peyton OBryan
    Peyton OBryan14 hours ago

    I understand the vid but the grind is so fun

  • Adam-justin
    Adam-justin15 hours ago

    On fortenite

  • Lucif3r22 TV
    Lucif3r22 TV15 hours ago

    I think it would have been so much cheaper getting a $100 mod menu, typing in how much money you want and so on…😂

  • 15 hours ago

    lol he thinks hes beater when ive got 100+ cars 4 jets 9 properties 10 mill super boat and 11m in bank

  • Mr Ted
    Mr Ted17 hours ago


  • Mason Keller
    Mason Keller19 hours ago

    You are so rich I wish I had your account

  • Noah Arenas
    Noah Arenas19 hours ago

    Man wasted money 🤦‍♂️ he could’ve done money glitches or ask a modded to give him money in the game

  • Rage_Scorpio
    Rage_Scorpio20 hours ago

    I paid 20 bugs for an unlock all and bought 10 X80s and made them all gold and put them in the most expensive garage back in the day.

  • LordShadow
    LordShadow20 hours ago

    bruh u wasted 10k on 500,000,000 gta dollars and i still have more money without wasting a single penny

  • Dylan Becker
    Dylan Becker21 hour ago

    🥲 it's been so long

  • Leonardo Socorro
    Leonardo Socorro21 hour ago

    Spare some cash XD

  • GTC Videos
    GTC Videos21 hour ago

    You know what’s crazy about this? If this video was monetized, then he would’ve made about $53,000 from this video😭

  • Jenny Helland
    Jenny HellandDay ago


  • Juito
    JuitoDay ago

    LazerBeam: "I think I have the best gta5 account" TheProffessional with 1billion hard earned money: "Amatuer"

  • Mr Estonian
    Mr EstonianDay ago

    Lazarbeam: spends 8k on gta online Modders: buy a 20€ mod menu and unlock everything

  • -_-Liam-_-
    -_-Liam-_-Day ago

    Can I get your GTA account lazer lol

  • Qiaozhi Zhang
    Qiaozhi ZhangDay ago

    lazarbeam: i got everything spending real money me: using cheat engine getting 2billion

  • oliveer wogernese
    oliveer wogerneseDay ago

    Where Did he find the ramp car . please respond anyone

  • Judith Ratcliffe
    Judith RatcliffeDay ago


  • Damian Badek
    Damian BadekDay ago


  • DripLegend
    DripLegendDay ago

    Next Video: I am poor but I still have my GTA account so I'm gonna get a peter griffin

  • Axel ulvang
    Axel ulvangDay ago

    Lazerbeam: i have never played gta also lazerbeam: level 102

  • Cade Wardlaw
    Cade WardlawDay ago

    Ah, yes... *Nucular*

  • Nun Yaa
    Nun YaaDay ago

    😂😂 this guys hilarious I’m subbing

  • Azukn
    AzuknDay ago

    Lazarbeam spends 10k: Rockstar: yea u gonna have to get reset b

  • Brayden Tozer
    Brayden TozerDay ago

    How much would you sell this account fir to one of your biggest fans

  • XD Skull NoobZ
    XD Skull NoobZDay ago

    Lazerbeam: What I don’t understand is why Jeff Bezos doesn’t do this in real life Jeff Bezos: Follows him on Twitter

  • Ryder Aadahl
    Ryder AadahlDay ago

    This is the exact reason y the oppressor and orbital cannon shouldn’t be in the game

  • Dark Matter Hunter Finley
    Dark Matter Hunter FinleyDay ago


  • Jonathan Flynn
    Jonathan FlynnDay ago

    Sorry to brag I’m 12 years old and I have 1billion+$ of in game items for 0$

  • L0hse
    L0hseDay ago

    POV you can buy a modded account with 50billion for 50 dollers

  • Alfie Oxtoby
    Alfie OxtobyDay ago

    Buy a rhino tank and go in military place

  • Landen!
    Landen!2 days ago

    I just spotted the mk3

  • Dodgeball
    Dodgeball2 days ago

    Pink is a manly colour, for lannan it is a manly colour but for me when a take my sister's pink school bag to school the whole school made fun of me in my class 2,Ah i wish lanan had came to my life early

  • Matrix Oseven
    Matrix Oseven2 days ago

    2:49 its not being an asshole its just being a oppresor user xd

  • Fanny
    Fanny2 days ago

    Can u shop me One computer plz

  • lost
    lost2 days ago

    He could have spent like $20 and just modded himself like 9999999999 and if he gets banned he can make like another 1000 accounts with no $1000

  • Harrie Noni
    Harrie Noni2 days ago

    The defective lamp electronically move because transmission scully poke unto a cruel port. ten, wet shrine

  • Radioactive Jake
    Radioactive Jake2 days ago

    Dose anyone else realize that the mouse is the middle finger? It is VERY FUNNY!

  • Artur Klemets
    Artur Klemets2 days ago

    damn im even richer and I have spent like no money on that game

  • Saher jeo
    Saher jeo2 days ago

    Imagine sending 8k To Charity instead of spending it on a Game

  • Stonz
    Stonz2 days ago

    8:51 - Me whenever I buy a new weaponised vehicles in GTA

  • Brena Greer
    Brena Greer2 days ago


  • Nathan Lowry
    Nathan Lowry2 days ago

    you could've probably bought everything u bought in the game in real life with the amount u spent lmao

  • JoeThePotato 603
    JoeThePotato 6032 days ago

    Flex on all the teenagers Me: wait a minute I’m only 10

  • A7EX
    A7EX2 days ago

    The thing is he probably made all that money back…you lucky bastard

  • beanz gohard
    beanz gohard2 days ago

    8k can change my life

  • Lumisence
    Lumisence2 days ago

    when you can ask for a money drop in pc lobby *clown emoji*

  • Da_Real _Pidge
    Da_Real _Pidge2 days ago

    Bro mans said he beat gtao and he didn’t even do the fleece job

  • Cj Nigga
    Cj Nigga2 days ago

    A very sad site

  • SlimeDusWrk
    SlimeDusWrk2 days ago

    if mr beast and mr beast gaming had a child

  • 2 days ago

    enjoy bad sport lobbies

  • Zachary VanGilder
    Zachary VanGilder2 days ago

    Shoutout Cayo so I didn’t have to recreate this vid

  • Microwave On A Train
    Microwave On A Train2 days ago

    Im guessing this video is the reason why the blood money dlc on rdr2 is a disaster

  • ConnorDrew1ッ
    ConnorDrew1ッ2 days ago

    How much money would a total income of $165M+ cost if I wanted to buy all the money?

  • Deez Nuts • 23 years ago
    Deez Nuts • 23 years ago2 days ago

    Gta players seeing him not having the high camera angle in vehicles

  • Campbell 55
    Campbell 552 days ago

    Thousands of dollars later Lvl 1

  • Phantom Dragon
    Phantom Dragon3 days ago

    Here is a better title I spent 8,000 dollars beating people in GTA

  • Jayve Morales
    Jayve Morales3 days ago

    when you love gummy bears

  • urmum
    urmum3 days ago

    You need the submarine to do the Cayo Perico heist

  • Hydr0
    Hydr03 days ago

    it seems like lazerbeam invented greafing xd

  • Hydr0
    Hydr03 days ago

    he actually spent 8000 dollars on nearly no money and i buy a account that has 1 billion for 7 dollars bruh. and i dont even get banned bruh. bruh.

  • fishybae
    fishybae3 days ago

    Add me i got 100x more than that i Play on ps5 flisleggerole

  • fishybae


    3 days ago

    Is my add

  • AlxR25
    AlxR253 days ago

    So this means if mods didn't exist then my account would be worth 8k? Sheesh

  • Kalani538
    Kalani5383 days ago


  • Cameron Gyorffy
    Cameron Gyorffy3 days ago

    can i have your account. cuz why not. i live in the central coast btw. not that far away from you Lannan. i will try and find you, keyword try!!!

  • rip wakez
    rip wakez3 days ago

    Is the car in the thumbnail actually in the game?

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C3 days ago

    And this is why R* doesn’t need to do anything bout their game and there are ppl giving them thousands everyday

  • EZKI
    EZKI3 days ago


  • Saeed Rashid Al-Jafeali
    Saeed Rashid Al-Jafeali3 days ago

    Buy a penthouse from casino

  • Casper Brekke
    Casper Brekke3 days ago

    In norway 8mill ingame cash costs 80$

  • cypriotsupporter
    cypriotsupporter3 days ago

    To be honest, money is just paper with ink and a different texture, meaning its generally useless

  • vito vito
    vito vito3 days ago

    ur stupid download kiddion mod menu and never be banned

  • Dave H
    Dave H3 days ago

    People like u are the reason why GTA 6 won’t come out anytime soon…..

  • Hassan's Grill & Brak

    Hassan's Grill & Brak

    Day ago

    @Dave H if your not having fun dont play it

  • Dave H

    Dave H

    3 days ago

    @Hassan's Grill & Brak You really don't get the point huh, well then go play this almost 10 year old milked out game and have fun

  • Hassan's Grill & Brak

    Hassan's Grill & Brak

    3 days ago

    omg cry more gta online is enough its extremely good

  • Se Man
    Se Man3 days ago

    Buys a oppresser, “you have chosen the wrong path son”

  • Bammige
    Bammige3 days ago

    Wow I'm like Lewis Hamilton he could be Daniel Ricardo

  • Jack Podesta
    Jack Podesta3 days ago


  • reeeses poofs
    reeeses poofs3 days ago

    Stop supporting the shitty micro transaction system

  • Cxrtified
    Cxrtified3 days ago

    “I could do a truck” -Lazarbeam 2021

    FAMILY FAMILY4 days ago

    5:14 💀

    RNG DRIZZY4 days ago

    My dads acout has 900 million dollars in gta

  • JKBjamo 295
    JKBjamo 2954 days ago

    Can I have the account :)