GTA Meme Olympics

GTA V Meme olympics. What a fun time!

The boys:

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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeamMonth ago

    sorry took me so long to edit :(

  • Yuliesky Guerra

    Yuliesky Guerra

    2 days ago

    It’s ok 👑

  • Soze N

    Soze N

    23 days ago

    Its ok

  • Shar puppet fan!

    Shar puppet fan!

    Month ago

    who cares its stupid funny u made are day! :)

  • Javier Reyes

    Javier Reyes

    Month ago

    I stole lannans girlfriend

  • Flame Emperor

    Flame Emperor

    Month ago

    6.9 thousands likes. Nice

  • Purple Roblox
    Purple Roblox14 minutes ago

    Since when was fresh zhc

  • Bill1453 Gaming
    Bill1453 Gaming16 minutes ago

    I love this video so much. Just because it brings me back to 2015-2016 gaming era

  • Rodrigo Sprodrigues
    Rodrigo Sprodrigues3 hours ago

    When so many people die in landing plane it remids me of twin towers in 2001

  • OperatorBerry
    OperatorBerry6 hours ago

    WHERE IS DARKVIPER AND MODEST PELICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haydos dayos
    haydos dayos17 hours ago


  • Slayz_Clapz
    Slayz_Clapz20 hours ago

    I just watched the normal Olympics and it is no where as good as these olympics

  • Brainiac
    Brainiac 23 hours ago

    I couldnt stop laughing at 9:50 lol

  • Intyl obscur
    Intyl obscur23 hours ago


  • Trinette Saunders
    Trinette SaundersDay ago

    Frick mucremy

  • The guy
    The guyDay ago

    I love you lazarbeam😉

  • BJL The Man
    BJL The ManDay ago

    HI lazarbeam ik im late but ima big fan plz respond with bjl

  • Statiic Rainbow
    Statiic RainbowDay ago

    U should play a heist

  • Beatriz Iracheta
    Beatriz Iracheta2 days ago

    Pt 2

  • JustASlightlyGlitchedVillian
    JustASlightlyGlitchedVillian2 days ago

    Lazarbeam: gliding in gliding me: gliding in her dms 😏

  • TheSoreTucker
    TheSoreTucker2 days ago

    Now we wait for Roblox meme olympics

  • oBaMa
    oBaMa2 days ago

    1.59 lazarbeam sounds like trevor

  • Jones Boys Jones
    Jones Boys Jones3 days ago

    Use code lazar

  • Amani Omar
    Amani Omar3 days ago

    and also i wish you won

  • Amani Omar
    Amani Omar3 days ago

    do you know mr beast

  • RylieCoolGamer
    RylieCoolGamer3 days ago


  • Yay
    Yay3 days ago

    Its kinda funny now that the olympics are actually here

  • Aj Atttinger
    Aj Atttinger3 days ago

    Don’t say gods name in vain

  • Max Eatherington
    Max Eatherington4 days ago

    Just funny how the plane land challenge is easy because the hydra has vertical take off and landing so sry Lannan but you chose the hard way

  • Amy Root
    Amy Root4 days ago

    Mcreamy let’s go

  • Dennis Fieglein
    Dennis Fieglein4 days ago

    Lazarbeam is the number One person for doing the most stupid things

  • Jose Sanchez Carrillo
    Jose Sanchez Carrillo4 days ago

    All right but when we having an Australian crossover with matto?

  • One wheel Dillon
    One wheel Dillon5 days ago


  • One wheel Dillon
    One wheel Dillon5 days ago


  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M5 days ago

    You should post more GTA videos

  • Adyan Chowdhury
    Adyan Chowdhury5 days ago


  • Toastyeeter
    Toastyeeter6 days ago

    Is Lazarbeam a magnet for kamikaze planes

  • Fortnite_ProGamer
    Fortnite_ProGamer7 days ago

    Fresh is good at Fortnite but not gta

  • security system
    security system7 days ago

    the only real win here is lazar being a mullet- having, meme- creating proud aussie

  • Christopher Schutte
    Christopher Schutte7 days ago


  • Sonkie Ponker
    Sonkie Ponker7 days ago


  • Bray MX
    Bray MX7 days ago


  • greyson garroni
    greyson garroni7 days ago

    The video released on my birthday!

  • Bigredmachine Kane
    Bigredmachine Kane7 days ago

    At 0:18 I spend 8,000 on this game bitch XD 😂

  • LG Clan
    LG Clan7 days ago

    Why does fresh wear a mask

  • Tippe_
    Tippe_7 days ago

    not the 9/11 jokes i imagined

  • N1teMare3
    N1teMare37 days ago

    The first to die I would just easy way out

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person7 days ago

    Wait didn’t TGG post meme olympics first?

  • Tyson Goodacre
    Tyson Goodacre8 days ago

    By far the funniest thing i seen

  • Abodi Laao
    Abodi Laao8 days ago

    The many person tellingly kneel because layer psychophysically remain including a flaky responsibility. righteous, silky snowflake

  • Ed Taylor
    Ed Taylor8 days ago

    Me die watching them try to land the hydras not realising that hydras can hover and land

  • Johnathan
    Johnathan8 days ago

    creamy and fresh stick to fortnite lol

  • Lazy KaY
    Lazy KaY9 days ago

    play red dead redemption 2 online way better

  • trinx1x
    trinx1x9 days ago

    6:25 mau pulled a 9 11

  • Strictclan Gaming
    Strictclan Gaming9 days ago

    Lazar 2021: “ I spent 8,000 dollars to impress people in an online video game” Lol

  • Collino
    Collino9 days ago

    Why does mccreamy look like modest pelican though

  • MemeZilla
    MemeZilla9 days ago

    The people of Los Antos are so confused by seeing this “spectacle.”

  • Aslspxksn Bdksoaoenrdb
    Aslspxksn Bdksoaoenrdb10 days ago

    7:15 8:12

  • Grizo Games
    Grizo Games10 days ago

    1:06 Mccreamy just wanted candy

  • Bogdan Toma
    Bogdan Toma10 days ago

    Just go to Fort Zancudo for 5 stars

  • Crypt _YT
    Crypt _YT11 days ago

    Ngl they pictures of each of them was annoying

  • Quackin Beats
    Quackin Beats11 days ago

    7:31 me when I find someone in hide n seek

  • Francisco Cedeno
    Francisco Cedeno11 days ago

    Lazerbeam the memer

  • aSyLuM2226vr1
    aSyLuM2226vr111 days ago


  • JitteryAce
    JitteryAce11 days ago

    Console is the best to fly on in my opinion

  • Landon Byrd
    Landon Byrd11 days ago


  • Unknown
    Unknown11 days ago

    More gta, it's so funny! Thanks for entertaining me, really appreciate it!

  • Rosanna de Ruiter
    Rosanna de Ruiter11 days ago

    Plane POV while 9/11 6:24

  • Amir Golesorkhi
    Amir Golesorkhi12 days ago

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  • Dsitai Beifti
    Dsitai Beifti12 days ago

    The hungry dirt karunagappally shock because laugh osmotically invent toward a actually entrance. angry, normal signature

  • Jayden Theoc
    Jayden Theoc12 days ago

    Ive already watched this 10 times

  • Beasty
    Beasty12 days ago

    Lazarbeam since you dropped out of school you should watch school tiktoks to see how dumb kids are

  • Sports kid
    Sports kid12 days ago

    6:06 that’s. What happend on 9/11 they were trying to land their plans on the tip and forgot to how to fly

  • Sports kid

    Sports kid

    12 days ago

    Seriously though rip for all of those who lost their lives

    LIL SKID12 days ago

    whats the name of the oufit lazerbeam has on gta

  • hazza_eb
    hazza_eb13 days ago

    When fortnite players play other games

  • Radio Atmosphere
    Radio Atmosphere13 days ago

    I'm blown away by the fact that you used a picture of Michael Phelps at the start and not your very own Ian "Thorpedo" Thorpe.

  • bunda
    bunda13 days ago

    If you press X before someone is about to punch you it dodges, just a tip so you don't choke as hard next time lannan

  • sandcorpse v2
    sandcorpse v213 days ago

    u can dodge punches by pressing space bar

  • Brysattack
    Brysattack13 days ago

    The "first" meme Olympics for gta was al month ago (at the time this comment was posted) the bike challenge was the same bet Lazar didn't know that

  • Sawyer Prentiss
    Sawyer Prentiss13 days ago

    Love the vid lazar

  • Jackson Hohipera
    Jackson Hohipera13 days ago

    Mau got instant karma

  • Jack Westman
    Jack Westman13 days ago

    Spread the gospel,Amen

  • Andy Nichols
    Andy Nichols13 days ago

    Mau kinda looking Arabian crashing into major buildings...

  • 8R-27-Yuvraaj Bhalla !
    8R-27-Yuvraaj Bhalla !14 days ago

    He needs some milk

  • William Dimitriou
    William Dimitriou14 days ago

    I forgot how many meme olympics they have done

  • mad chads podcast
    mad chads podcast14 days ago

    07:00 I'm pretty sure this is 911

  • Mahdi Aljadhaan
    Mahdi Aljadhaan15 days ago


  • Aiden Wulfekuhle
    Aiden Wulfekuhle15 days ago

    Please keep playing gta

  • Wesley Kersten
    Wesley Kersten15 days ago

    This is probably the most fun ive had in years

  • TheDictatorV2
    TheDictatorV215 days ago

    Lazar landed x2, mean while, other participants = crashed to u, Lazar = WHAT?

  • Mikki Dam
    Mikki Dam15 days ago

    mau: IM GOING UP SITE DOWN!!!! REALITY: 911 into the maze bank

  • LG Yensennn

    LG Yensennn

    4 days ago


  • Tristen. Egner.
    Tristen. Egner.15 days ago

    It official fortnite is dead my gamers. lazar beam has switched to gta5 (the beta game)

  • Blade Master
    Blade Master15 days ago

    9:24 when I am on the toilet and nothing is coming out

  • Zappreios
    Zappreios15 days ago

    This video triggered me so much.

  • MrEnderBoy
    MrEnderBoy15 days ago

    6:20 9 11 all over again

  • Crips fo life
    Crips fo life15 days ago

    You have literally copied meme olympics from darkviperau

  • crocy124
    crocy12415 days ago

    If u play gta this kinda wants u just to join them and dominate them

  • idk
    idk15 days ago

    S-o you are The mosr stupid of all.

  • Karl Quinn
    Karl Quinn15 days ago

    Why is fresh wearing a mask is he in school playing GTA in teacher's staff room

  • Cod God
    Cod God15 days ago

    I would have pulled out my kanjali or my mk2 for getting five stars

  • _lmg
    _lmg15 days ago

    What happened to joogie

  • Yeet King
    Yeet King15 days ago

    The one game fresh is bad at

  • joeyquinn19
    joeyquinn1915 days ago

    you always die when you dont want to die but when you try to die it doesnt work lol

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude15 days ago

    Mau- has somebody done this? Unfortunately yes

  • Gamerdude XD
    Gamerdude XD15 days ago

    Did you get this idea from DarkViperAU, TGG, Sonny Evans, and Modest Pelican?